Huawei nova 4e: release date, price, specs, and main features

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On March 14, Huawei held a new product launch conference in Beijing and released Huawei nova 4e smartphone. The Huawei nova 4e smartphone mainly targets young people and it features 32MP AI beauty selfies. The price of 4 + 128GB edition is 1999 CNY (about $298), and 6 + 128GB edition is 2299 CNY (about $342).

On the scene of Huawei nova 4e conference, He Gang, president of Huawei's terminal mobile phone product line, explained the meaning of nova brand naming. nova is from innovation, nova e is from elegance and nova I is from inspiration.

nova series mobile phone is Huawei's product for young and fashionable people. The whole series of product concepts revolve around two aspects: appearance design and photographic experience. Huawei launched nova 4 last year, and today's nova 4e can be seen as a youth version of the former.

Nova 4e 

Huawei nova 4e has made many adjustments in design details. Firstly, there is a 6.15 inch 1080p resolution "Pearl Full Screen" on the front. The receiver, breathing lamp, ambient light sensor and other components are all designed in concealment, but the chin of the mobile phone is slightly longer. Officially, the screen accounts for 84.1%.

The back of the phone is made of glass, and it has been processed in 3D. The phone has three kinds of colors. Among them, Pearl White and Phantom Night black are more conventional, while Queling Blue adopts different techniques, which makes it reflect the "S" color under the light.

Huawei nova 4e Queling Blue 

The layout on the back of nova 4e is Huawei's classic mobile phone layout. Camera, flash and HUAWEI Logo are connected on one line. In addition, the post-positioned three cameras were surrounded by a wrapping process. It not only protects the camera but also makes it look less prominent. It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova 4e upper and lower middle frames have been smoothed to improve the feel.

Photography is one of the phone's main functions, especially self-timer. The front-end camera of nova 4E is 32 megapixels, the sensor size is 1/2.75, the event pixel is 4 in 1, and the equivalent pixel is 1.6 micron. In addition, it also supports more than 200 kinds of scene recognition and AI stereo beauty.

According to the official introduction, the so-called AI stereo beauty is optimized according to the matching model of user's facial features, during which the 2D photos will be transformed into 3D models, and then the 3D images will be transformed into 2D photos after stereo shaping. According to Huawei, in order to achieve this technology, they jointly analyzed millions of beautiful women's photos on the gallery website.

The rear camera uses a three-camera array, in which the main subject is 24 megapixel  lens, supporting more than 500 kinds of scene recognition in 22 categories; the second lens is 8 megapixel ultra wide angle; the third lens is 2 megapixel depth of field lens, responsible for background visualization.

Huawei nova 4e rear camera  

In terms of configuration, nova 4e is equipped with Kirin 710 processor, which is the mid-end chip launched by Huawei, and its performance is in direct pursuit of snapdragon 710. In terms of storage, there are 4 GB and 6 GB specifications available, while the storage space is 128 GB. At the same time, it supports Huawei GPU Turbo 2.0 technology and has been optimized in terms of games.

In addition, the conference also brought new bracelets - Huawei bracelet 3 and Huawei bracelet 3 Pro. Huawei bracelet 3 Pro uses color screen and metal wire drawing frame, and built-in independent GPS and NFC, supporting 50 meters waterproof. It can real-time monitor heart rate and sleep quality.

Huawei bracelet 3 and Huawei bracelet 3 Pro 

HUAWEI children's watch has also been updated. HUAWEI children's watch 3 Pro added HD video calls and Alipay pocket money. The last accessory is Huawei mobile power bank, which has a capacity of 10,000 mA/h and supports two-way 18W fast charging.

In addition, some other features of nova 4e were introduced at the conference. For example, double cards, double 4G, double Volte, super slow motion, AR full screen translation and so on. nova 4e has a built-in capacity of 3340 mAh, with a maximum charge support of 18 W fast charging.

Huawei nova 4e can be seen as a better-priced nova phone. Last year, Huawei's price of nova 4 was around $446, while nova 4e extended the price range of the series downward.

From the product point of view, appearance and photography (especially self-timer) is the main function of this mobile phone. Because nova series is mainly aimed at young and fashionable users, these two are also what these users need. However, although the price is relatively better, it is still not cheap, and whether it can move its target population in the end still needs to be tested by the market.


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