Huawei Nova 5 will arrive with a fingerprint sensor under the screen

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Huawei has already launched several smartphones on the market in 2019. The most important ones are the top-of-the-range ones that are sold almost all over the world, although there are also interesting devices beyond the more premium range. Today we have news about the Huawei Nova 5, a device that could soon reach the market. If this is true the company would be closing an update cycle of about 6 months. The last Nova presented was the 4 and it did it with a hole in the screen. It was the first device to have something like this at the end of 2018. Now the new model wants to release another very interesting feature.

Huawei at the moment does not sell its Huawei Nova outside of China. He tried it with his first models, but it seems that the scarce success made the company think again. We don't know if in 2019 it will do it with the new Nova 5 that has just been filtered. Not only does it come with a very interesting design, it also promises to be more advanced and present a price below average.

Huawei Nova 5 rear camera

The Huawei Nova 5: on-screen fingerprint sensor and Kirin 980

From China we can see the first filtration of this device. It is a render that has been filtered with a very good quality. In the image you can see that we are dealing with a device of quality and very well manufactured. This Nova 5 will not belong to the premium range, but it will still be a high-end device. One of the most important features is its high-end Kirin processor. The Nova 4 has the 970, so this new Nova 5 could come with the 980.

But not only, thanks to the renders we can think that the terminal will also host the fingerprint sensor technology under the screen. In its back only the 3 cameras are appreciated and nothing else, so its fingerprint sensor can not be placed anywhere other than under the screen.

There are no leaks on the front, so we don't know if Huawei will continue to bet on the hole on screen or move to another design. We have already seen that the company has gone into the mechanisms to hide the front camera, although in the render there is no strange piece or groove on the inside.


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