Huawei P30 series update adds DC Dimming

ByAdeline Kuang 2019-06-03 837

This year, the smart phone market has been experiencing a boom in "DC dimming". Many users take "DC dimming" as their standard to purchase mobile phone products. It seems that a mobile phone without "DC dimming" cannot be called a flagship product.

In the expectation of many users, huawei P30 series flagship phones will also embrace DC dimming mode.Some digital bloggers showed the updated screenshots of the new version of huawei P30 series and said "the P30 series will push the DC dimming version".

The so-called DC dimming is actually to change the screen brightness by increasing or decreasing the circuit power.

Power = voltage x Current, so changing the voltage or current can change the brightness of the screen. In this way, the constant of the current can be controlled so that the light and shade change. From low brightness to high brightness will not cause the screen to blink, more stable.

At present, the mainstream dimming technology is changing from PWM to DC dimming, in the use of eye comfort, DC dimming is certainly far better than PWM dimming.

So black Shark mobile phone 2 before the release of this big selling point of the focus on publicity, and in the market has also been a huge response, and then the major domestic mobile phone manufacturers have been upgraded through software, updated DC dimming mode.

In fact, the reason why users need DC dimming so much is because most flagship phones in recent years have started to give up LCD screens and choose to use higher-end AMOLED screens.

Although the user is also very eager for all aspects of the better quality of the AMOLED screen, but also can not ignore the AMOLED screen brought about by the negative effect-low-frequency PWM dimming for vision damage. Colloquially speaking, is the mobile phone screen flash will bring a certain burden to the user's eyes.

Why low frequency PWM dimming can cause damage to human eyes?

In the PWM dimming screen, the brightness adjustment does not depend on the change of power, but on the screen on and off alternately.

PWM dimming screen lighting is not a continuous glow, but in the location of lighting, off the screen.When light and out alternate fast enough, the naked eye thinks the phone is always on.Some consumers' eyes are more sensitive to this kind of "flashing" eye fatigue.

The LCD screen, which is considered by users to be a cheap screen, relies on the LED backlight to glow, most of which uses DC dimming, which is a technique by directly controlling the current size on both sides of the luminescent assembly to adjust the brightness, and when the current on both sides of the LED backlight becomes hours, the brightness becomes correspondingly lower.

DC dimming mode, from low brightness to high brightness will not cause the screen flicker, more stable, the damage to the human eye is also less. It is worth mentioning, however, that DC dimming can cause problems with rag screens and color bias.

In the author's opinion, although the advantages and disadvantages of DC dimming are very obvious, but at least Huawei P30 series gives users an extra choice, but also an extra eye protection possibilities.

If you really can't stand the color bias caused by DC dimming, users can still choose PWM dimming.

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