Huawei Watch GT: Common problems and solutions

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Due to the presence of Lite OS, some users encountered various problems when using or configuring the Huawei WATCH GT with their Android or IOS mobile phones. Some of the most common problems of the smartwatch, along with its possible solutions, were published in the official forums of the company. It is a very extensive list but in this post we have tried to collect only the most important and prominent problems, along with the explanations on how to fix them.

Huawei Watch GT: Frequent problems and how to fix them

Lite OS, the operating system that uses the Huawei Watch GT, is not perfect and has room for many upgrades and future upgrades. Most of the drawbacks you may be experiencing with your smart watch are due to flaws in the same software. Despite this, because they tend to originate from this, they can usually be solved easily, either through an update or some configuration adjustment.

Then we give you the list of possible "headaches", so to speak, that the smartwatch of the Chinese company can give you and its possible arrangements:

Notifications not arriving

Many reports have emerged from several users who say that the smartwatch does not receive or display notifications that their mobiles send.

This may be due to several reasons. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these steps to revise and modify something that can go wrong in the Watch GT:


1. Make sure the "Do not disturb"  function is turned off. If it's turned on, then this might be an explanation for this problem. To turn off the Do Not Disturb mode, slide the notifications panel down and you will see that option.

2. Check if the Bluetooth connection is activated. If so, disable it and turn it back on. Sometimes the pairing with the smartphone may be interrupted by an error, so the smartwatch and smartphone are not paired correctly and notifications are not synchronized.

3. Clears the cache and data from the  Huawei Health application. This may solve this failure. To do this, simply go to  settings >applications and Notifications >Huawei Health>Storage >Clear Cache and delete data.

4. Uninstall and re-install the Huawei Health app. It's easy and can be done through the Google play store  and phone.


If notifications do not work on your Huawei Watch GT, it is possible that through the advice above you can solve the problem.  If after following these steps you still have problems, we advise you to contact the company either through an official distributor or forums to help you find the root of the problem.

Does not sync with Google Fit

Many users acquire the Huawei Watch for a simple reason: use Google Fit. Whether you want to do exercises and plan activity routines or relax with the breathing exercises  that this brings, the wearable lends itself as a bridge to dispose of this excellent app and all its benefits. However, smartwatch synchronization failures have been reported with the application, probably because Google Fit is not properly synchronized with Lites.


So, then, we list the possible solutions to a problem of synchronization with the Watch GT with Google Fit:


1. Open the Huawei Health app and make sure the information on the smart clock syncs correctly with your paired phone. If it's not, turn on sync. If it is, turn it off and back on. This has the potential to solve this problem.

2. Now, start the Google Fit application  and slide it down to refresh the data. After all this, you should be able to see the Huawei Watch GT information inside the Google Fit application.

Another fact to note is that, because  Google Fit is usually synchronized much better with WEAR OS, and not with Lites, you have to manually update the statistics of THE Watch GT with the Google app. This, without a doubt, can be annoying for many users.

Time is not updated

This is probably the easiest drawback of all. If you notice that the device does not present the weather information correctly, you should review and apply these steps:


1. Verify that the pre-born weather widget has not been removed from the home screen. If it was, restore it and keep it there.

2. Then restart the smart clock to see the saved changes and for the time tool to re-update correctly.

Battery/autonomy problems

Many users have released a common problem that tends to suffer the popular wearable of Huawei, and is a decrease in battery autonomy. According to these, the battery usually presents problems to keep the smartwatch on, just after a new update has been installed.


Unfortunately, there is no direct solution to this problem. We can only recommend applying the following to try to counteract this and that autonomy increases:

● Disables the raise wrist function to see the clock. It is well known that this feature tends to consume a considerable portion of the battery charge, as it is responsible for activating the smartwatch every time the user performs the lifting of the hand or some sudden movement of this.

Cannot See Caller ID

This is possibly the most annoying problem for users, as it seems that in some cases the smartwatch does not show the ID of the caller.


If you also have this problem and you see that you do not get the name of the contact in the Watch GT when they call you, follow these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Then go to permits. Once there, look for the Huawei Health app  and activate the permission so you can access the call logs.


GPS is not accurate

If you notice that your Huawei Watch GT fails to accurately pinpoint your location or the routes you make during your workouts, this could be due to a lack of accuracy in the GPS. It is very likely that the problem is at the level of software and not hardware, so we recommend that you follow these steps:


1. Make sure your smartwatch has the latest updates installed (specifically, the firmware fixes several PROBLEMS with GPS connectivity).

2. Secondly, try to detach the clock from the smartphone and then pair them again.

3. Finally, before re-pairing, you can also reset the smartwatch to factory levels, as indicated below.

How to reset the Huawei Watch GT to factory settings

Many of the problems that we have pointed out so far can be solved through the steps we have indicated, but sometimes you might need to apply a complete reset to the smart clock, so that the factory values will be restored. To do this, follow these steps:

1. On the Home screen of Huawei Watch GT, click the top button and go to system settings > System > Reset

2. The second method is to open the Huawei Watch application, click on the device icon in the upper right corner at Home and then on reset.


Many of the problems we have detailed here could be solved by updating the smartwatch to the latest firmware versions, although in some cases they might still be present. Our recommendation is that you visit the official forums of HUAWEI Watch GT where users often share their experiences, problems and possible solutions in relation to this smartwatch. Also, for problems of configuration or doubts you can download the complete user manual  of the watch, where all the functions are detailed.


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