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Huawei's new patent about in-display earpiece technology exposed: might be applied to Huawei P30

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-14 2017

Samsung recently unveiled a series of new OLED screen designs at the 2018 developer Conference, including the Infinity-U and V special-shaped notch screen, the flexible folding screen New Infinity, and a high-profile Infinity-O (a small O-shaped camera cutout under the screen). But just a few days later, Huawei filed for a similar patent, and it shows the Huawei company is also developing the in-display sensor technology.

 Huawei's new patent about in-display earpiece technology

From Huawei's patent, we can see that there is no cutout on the top of the screen and the receiver is placed under the screen, but we can’t see where the front camera is located in. In fact, Samsung has previously presented a series of in-display sensor technologies at its strategic meeting, including handsets, light/proximity sensors and cameras. Through transparent OLED technology, these components can be placed under the screen to achieve a higher screen space. HUAWEI is also expected to develop similar technologies with OLED vendors such as BOE.

Samsung Infinity series screen technology 

Although there are no more details about Huawei's patents for in-display earpiece technology, but optimistically it may be applied to the Huawei P30, a new phone to be released in March next year. The back picture of the patent also reveals that the phone will adopt triple rear cameras, and the configuration will reach the level of  the Huawei Mate 20 Pro at least.

Of course, the in-display earpiece technology may also face many problems, such as low yield, but it is certain that this is a key technology for the full screen phones, which may become the mainstream in 2019. The manufacture who take the lead in introducing mass-produced mobile phones with the in-display earpiece technology will seize the market first.


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