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i10 TWS vs i12TWS true wireless earbuds: Apple AirPods clones are getting better and better

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Are you looking for a good pair of Apple AirPods clones? We have found not one, but two true wireless earphone sets for you that fit the bill. The i10 TWS and the i12 TWS earbuds looks almost identical to the original, feature advanced touch controls, charging cases and very attractive price tags. But which of the two is better?

i10 TWS vs i12TWS: specs

First, let's take a quick look at the main specs of the i10 TWS earphones and i12TWS earphones.


Product name
i10 TWS Bluetooth Earphones
i12 TWS Bluetooth Earphones
5.50 x 4.20 x 2.00 cm
5.40 x 4.40 x 1.50 cm
0.1000 kg
0.0800 kg
Wearing type
Standby time
1-5 days
Battery capacity(mAh)
Music playback
3 hours
3.5 hours
Support music,Earbuds,Noise-Cancelling
Noise-Cancelling,Portable,Support music
Bluetooth Version
Transmission range
10 meters


i10 TWS Bluetooth Earphones Stereo Wireless Charging Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 - White 1pc

i10 TWS Bluetooth Earphones Stereo Wireless Charging Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 - White 1pc


i12 TWS Binaural Call Bluetooth V5.0 Headset - White

i12 TWS Binaural Call Bluetooth V5.0 Headset - White
$26.51 $23.99   

i10 TWS vs i12TWS: Apple AirPods closest look-alikes

Both, the i10 TWS and the i12 TWS are marketed as Apple AirPods clones. Thus, when we talk about design, we are, in most part, evaluating how close each earbud set has been able to replicate the original. In the case of i10 TWS vs. i12 TWS, both earphone sets do a great job. But which pair comes the closest?

The first difference between the two earbud sets in the charging cases. The i10 TWS' charging indicator for the case is located on the front, which is different from the Apple AirPods that have their charging indicator inside the case. The i12 TWS, on the other hand, do replicate Apple's design when it comes to charging and, once you open the case, you will see a small "dot" in between the two earpieces, which is the LED charging indicator. The funny this is, you will see the same "dot" when you open the i10 TWS' case — but, in this case, it is purely decorative and has no functionality.

i10 TWS vs i12TWS design

In short, if you want a charging case that looks exactly like the one coming with the Apple AirPods, go with the i12 TWS. On the other hand, we can see a variety of scenarios where having a charging indicator on the outside of the case (like with the i10 TWS) can be much more convenient.

Now, when you take a close look at the ear pieces themselves, you will spot a slight difference.

The i10 TWS look exactly like the Apple AirPods. The i12 TWS, on the other hand, are missing a small hole in the middle on each ear piece. In this case, as you can see, the i10 TWS come closer in looks to the original than the i12 TWS.

i10 TWS vs i12 TWS: quick and easy touch controls

One of the best things about the Apple AirPods is that they are really easy to use thanks to the convenience of touch controls. You will find the same touch control functionality on both the i10 TWS and the i12 TWS. You can easily control the playback with quick taps on the earbuds, but there are a few differences as to how much you will be able to. 

i10 TWS touch controls 

There are a few differences when it comes to using the earphones as well. For instance, the i12 TWS give you the option of touch controlling volume as you listen to music whereas the i10 TWS do not — you will need to adjust the volume on your phone.

i10 TWS vs i12TWS: decent sound quality

The sound quality on the both earbud sets is quite good. As we've already mentioned on a few of our previous posts, at this stage, true wireless earphones can't really compete with professional wired headphones — and for true audiophiles, the latter would be the better choice.

However for everyday use: phone calls, music, movies, audio books, gaming, etc., both the i10 TWS and the i12 TWS do very well.

i12TWS decent sound quality

i10 TWS vs i12TWS: good battery life and charging

As we've already mentioned above, both earphone sets come with dedicated charging cases. To charge the earbuds, you will simply need to place them back into the case. With try i10 TWS, you will see the charging indicator light up on the front, and with the i12 TWS, it will indicate charging on the inside.

At the bottom of each case there is a charging slot. The i10 TWS use a USB Type C cable while the i12 TWS go with the lighting cable as do most Apple devices.

The i12 TWS are good for one to 3 hours of music playback or calls. This may not seem like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that you are running entirely on Bluetooth 5.0, there are no wires to deal with and charging is very easy. On standby, the earbuds can go for up to 60 hours. Plus, you get the extra 350mAh of battery life in the charging case. The i10 TWS seem to do a bit better when it comes to real time battery life offering up to 3.5 hours of non-stop music playback.

i12TWS battery life   

i10 TWS vs i12TWS: the verdict

Both the i10 TWS and i12 TWS are some of the best AirPods look-alikes we've seen on the market.

The earphones are not exactly cheap, but they are substantially less expensive than branded true wireless headsets.

With that, the i12 TWS are definitely a much more budget option available on GB for just $23.99.

The i10 TWS are quite a bit pricier coming with the $57.31 price tag.

Which earbuds do you go with?

Although, both i12 TWS and i10 TWS give you a lot on the same functionality and Apple AirPods looks at a very good deal. But personally speaking, the new i12 TWS is a better choice. As the i12 TWS not only bring us some new features mentioned above, but a cheaper price. With the 10 percent discount, the i12 TWS can be yours for just $23.99 on Gearbest.  


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