Intel Core i9-9900KS: announced the CPU that always goes to 5 GHz

ByZim Watson 2019-05-28 2055

Intel announces, ahead of the opening of Computex 2019, a Core i9 processor for LGA 1155 socket motherboards capable of operating at 5 GHz clock for all cores even when pushed to 100% capacity

Core i9 processor

Anticipating its scheduled press conference at Computex 2019 for Tuesday, May 28, Intel announced a new version of Core i9 processor intended for LGA 1155 socket systems. This is the Core i9-9900KS model, which for the first time offers a stable 5 GHz clock frequency for all cores when they are occupied 100% of their potential.

The default clock frequency is 4 GHz, with a maximum Turbo clock of 5 GHz, which remains constant even when all 8 cores are used in parallel. This processor shares the remaining technical features with the Core i9-9900K model already on the market since last autumn and is in fact based on the same silicon component.

Intel has achieved a higher clock frequency simply by performing a binning, ie a selection of cores able to operate stably to the new specifications. Lack of information on the TDP of this CPU, which we do not know if it is equal to that of the Core i9-9900K or higher, let alone the expected cost. It is likely that this information will be made available by Intel over the next few days, at the time of the official opening of Computex 2019.

This CPU continues to integrate a GPU from the Intel UHD630 family, but we believe it is likely that given the cost and technical features it will continue to be used in conjunction with a discrete NVIDIA or AMD GPU. The increase in the Turbo clock frequency, equal to 300 MHz compared to the Core i9-9900K model, should allow to obtain a performance increase that we quantify on paper in a maximum 5% with those applications that exploit all the cores 100%. In single threaded both Core i9 CPUs go up to 5 GHz of clock, therefore for such scenarios should not emerge significant differences.

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