Intel Tiger Lake, the 10nm CPU spotted on the database of Sandra

ByJulio Ventura 2019-05-22 1054

Tiger Lake identifies the next generation of Intel 10nm processors for fanless notebooks and ultra-portables expected on the market by 2020, as emerged last April | Intel, no 10nm on desktop at least until 2022 | and as confirmed later by the same Intel during the last Investor Meeting 2019, an event that saw the manufacturer illustrate the new roadmap | Intel: 10nm processors in June, transition to 7nm in 2021.

Intel Tiger Lake

Confirming that the debut of the new Intel platform is not so far off, the first signals arrive from the SiSoftware Sandra database, a well-known benchmark and diagnostic software that updates with the first performance data of the Tiger Lake Client platform.

For the moment there are no details on the name of the processor used in the benchmark (not recognized by the software), however from the information available we can assume to be faced with a low power chip, most likely a new Intel model at 10 nm Y series with TDP 5 watts.

As you can see from the screenshot above, we are dealing with a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.8 GHz (base?), a feature that suggests an ultra low-voltage solution for fanless systems.

Intel Tiger Lake data

The Intel Tiger Lake series will also identify the next U line processors (TDP 15-28 watts), much more interesting in terms of performance, thanks to a new Core architecture (Willow Core) and a graphics component based on Intel Xe GPU architecture, obviously in an adapted variant that should fit into the next family of iGPU Gen12.


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