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Intelligent chameleon remote control electric machine toy – as cool as it gets

ByDavid Tsang 2018-10-01 1324

You’re never too old to enjoy cool toys. Our intelligent RC chameleon toy is a one of most innovative and fun toys available. Packed with lots of cool design touches, it’s a cute and affordable toy that stretches the imagination of kids. We take a closer look at this creative little toy animal.


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the design of Chameleon toy

Chameleon toy?video display

Let's get acquainted with this cute chameleon toy through a video.   



Intelligent Chameleon Remote Control Electric Machine Toy - WHITE

Intelligent Chameleon Remote Control Electric Machine Toy - WHITE
$102 $84.99    


Cute chameleon toy overview

Chameleons normally blend in but this cool toy definitely stands out. It's packed with tons of cool and fun details to enhance the experience. From eyes that can turn, change color and even a tail that shakes, this is an exciting toy pet to brighten your day with. For added realism, your little chameleon friend can also be easily and conveniently controlled using the included RC controller which means it can navigate carefully around obstacles.

the changeable colors of Chameleon toy 

For even more thrills, the mischievous chameleon features an extendable tongue to catch food and bait. Incredibly easy to use, this toy is perfect for all ages with its inspired functions and bright and bold colors. Develop creativity and cognitive skills while enjoying the thrills of this cool little creature toy. Made from a variety of high quality materials tested safe for children of all ages, discover the perfect treat or gift.

the extendable tongue of Chameleon toy 

Compact, cool and eye-catching, the family-sized fun never ends with this awesome little chameleon. Get inspired with this realistic toy, and bring the magic home today.

Product highlights

Fun, well-designed and compact, this little chameleon will keep you and family members fully entertained.

● Fun toy companion or unique office toy

● Multiple features to enhance your enjoyment

● Responsive remote control for easy navigation around obstacles

● Versatile: seals plastic bags from 3 to 25cm in size

● Fun and controllable chameleon 'tongue'

Why you should buy it

Everything from its cure design, playful features to the remote control possibilities makes it the ideal toy. A compact and lightweight chameleon toy, it's perfect as a treat or as a gift. Order yours today and bring a smile to a child's face.


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