iOS 12.2: Should I install iOS 12.2?

ByMia Carla 2019-05-20 226

If you're the cautious type, chances are you're not rushing to install new versions of iOS. But as far as iOS 12.2 is concerned, it seems you can go headlong.

I am always a little suspicious when it comes to installing new iOS updates on my devices. Not only is there the fear of a catastrophic bug or the thin but real possibility that it could block my device, but there is also the low-level anxiety that there will be annoying bugs that will affect my day and put speed bumps in my productivity.


If you are the cautious type, you may not have installed iOS 12.2 yet, but rather have refrained from having more courageous - or reckless - users come first in order to play the role of scouts and report on the good performance of this new update of Apple's mobile OS.

So, do you need to install iOS 12.2? Definitely yes. I have tested the version since its release on March 25, and I must say that it is one of the best iOS versions of Apple. Not only did I not encounter any problems, but Apple's support forums and social media also seem to show that this is a pretty solid version. I have found few reports complaining of poor battery life after the update, but this is quite common and usually corrects itself after a few charging cycles (usually recalibrating battery use).

If you have problems, then iOS 12 contains tools that you can use to help diagnose whether it is a hardware problem, an application or a bug in iOS itself.

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