iOS 13 is rumored to have dark mode and new multitasking system

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-24 341

Apple continues to improve its operating system for its iPhone and iPad. With the 13th version of iOS, the Apple firm intends to integrate dark mode, multitasking in applications or improvements for Safari and mail.

As every year, Apple will most certainly present the new version of its iOS operating system to its worldwide Developers Conference. For the 2019 Edition, the period from June 3 to 7 was ticked on the calendar of many fans of the Apple brand. This 13th version of iOS should be part of the game with some welcome enhancements.

A dark mode and multitasking for the interface

Like Google with the beta of Android Q, Apple should give in to the trend of dark mode according to people close to the folder quoted by 9toMac, with the ability to apply it all over the system from the settings. In the same way as macOS, a higher contrast mode should also be available.


But the biggest improvement at the interface should be seen on the iPad: the multitasking directly in an application. A window system could be implanted in some compatible applications. We could do the same job as the basic multitasking on the iPad, but with a single application this can be very handy if you want to work on two spreadsheet cards at the same time for example. This multitasking would offer detachable tabs that could be available in several places on the screen and even overlay with others with a "depth" system that would allow access to either one easily.

Mails, Safari and font for applications

The iPhone's mail app should become smarter by being able to sort messages according to new categories like marketing, buying, traveling, etc. The application should also host the "read later" feature to be able to set aside some mails and improve compatibility with third-party applications, such as those for Office Automation that could be directly integrated into mails that would need it.


Regarding Safari, it should finally be possible to display the computer version of a site without having to make the request from the interface of it. Some sites displayed their mobile version of their site on iPad, but they didn't offer a nice user experience on Tablet like YouTube. This time, Safari should offer to connect to sites like a computer or as a mobile device to enjoy the different versions of a site as it pleases.


Finally, Apple would no longer need to ask to install a "profile" to add new fonts, a manager should be natively present on iOS 13 to avoid having to perform tedious manipulation when a document opened on the device has a font that is not yet installed.


Other features should be proposed such as canceling — and restoring — a keystroke on the keyboard, a new volume menu, or a new way to make multiple selection of content.


This new version of iOS will surely be presented at WWDC 2019 and the beta should be available in stride before a stable and definitive release with the new iPhone and iPads running in September!

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