iOS 13 will adopt system-wide dark mode like Android Q

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The new thing in the smartphone industry is dark mode. Talk of systemwide dark mode first came from Google when it was revealed that the next Android version, the Android Q, could include a system-wide dark mode. It now seems almost certain that Apple, too, will provide an all-pervading dark mode on the iOS 13, the next operating system version of which is expected to see the light of day in September.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is safer for the eyes

The reason the phone manufacturers have focused on this topic is customer-oriented. Bright light emitted from smartphones ' screens, particularly when used in dark environments, is understood to damage the human eye for long periods of time. It explains that simply darkening the screen does not achieve the same reduction in pixel density. Another key factor is that the dark mode or theme needs to be created from scratch and can only deliver the desired results in terms of eye benefit. This means that every app you use must be in sync with dark mode. Many of these were explained when the messages were discussed as a system-wide dark mode in Android Q.


The OLED display connection

Another point that is very relevant to the entire discussion around dark mode on smartphones is connected to the OLED display. Again, technology is used to explain that traditional LCD displays don't work well with dark mode, but only the OLED panels. This means that the real benefit of introducing the cross-device dark theme from Google and Apple may only help the smartphones that come with the OLED displays. Apple has at least made it clear that it is trying to access OLED for all of its models, whether in the top end or budget segment. Now, how many manufacturers of Android phones are able to do that will be the next important question.

The general observation is that the fact that two large companies that virtually control 100% of the firmware of the smartphone operating system consider it to be the health of their customers are trying to keep their eyes through innovative technologies in their Protecting operating systems is commendable.

In addition to protecting the eyes, dark mode can also save battery consumption by using less energy. The new OS versions of both companies are eagerly awaited in this regard.


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