iOS 14 new features exposure, 5G version of the iPhone is not far from us

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Since the launch of the iPhone , Apple has been smaller and N times more than once a year, and has improved iOS . In addition to fixing the previous bugs , it can ensure that its users can experience the latest services.


What is certain is that at the WWDC2019 conference in June this year , iOS 13 - codename Yukon - will come as scheduled .

iOS 13 will continue to improve the speed of the device, fix bugs ;

iOS 13 will have a dark mode buff that is optimized for nighttime use;

The user interface in iOS 13 will be adjusted, including opening a new animation of multitasking and closing the app, and the widget page will also welcome a new design;

iOS 13 is testing a new input method that supports sliding input, somewhat similar to the Android keyboard and third-party iPhone input method SwiftKey ;

iOS 13

Now, there is news that Apple is developing iOS 14 , and the system will meet with you in 2020 . iOS 14 codenamed "Azu" will join 5G network support, as well as new AR features.

Cook has determined that Apple will not launch the iPhone 5G in 2019 : " Apple will carefully evaluate the applicability of the latest technologies, and then launch the corresponding technology mature products as soon as possible under the right time and sufficient conditions. " When Android manufacturers rushed to seize the 5G opportunity, iPhone sales fell and fell, Apple showed a very " unfamiliar " calm.


Some people have analyzed that it is likely that Apple will launch the 5G version of the iPhone by 2020 . iOS 14 added 5G network support, perhaps for the 5G iPhone . Will you buy it by then?


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