iPhone 12 (2020): 100% OLED, here’s what we know

ByZim Watson 2019-05-20 596

Will Apple shake the coconut tree again for its iPhone 12 (2020)? That's what Digitimes thinks it knows, announcing that next year's iPhone will all benefit from an OLED screen and especially from new screen diagonals!

Thus, the XR (6.1 inches), XS (5.8 inches) and XS Max (6.5 inches) models would give way to a completely new range: the iPhone 12 "XR" would have a 6.06 inch slab, the XS a 5.42 inch slab (much more compact) and the XS Max a 6.67 inch slab. Digitimes also states that the new OLED tiles will be even thinner... and especially cheaper, thanks to Samsung's Y-OCTA or LG's TOE manufacturing technologies.

However, no information is available on the definition of these new screens, which should a priori offer the same pixel density (dpi) as the current models. It will certainly take more to motivate the barge (a Touch ID sensor under the screen? why not...), but the return of a slightly more "compact" iPhone (iPhone 12 "XS" with a 5.4 inch slab) will probably be appreciated by many users.

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