iPhone XI Max –almost all uncovered

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-06 575

The Indian site CashKaro again together with Onleaks, produced and shared new renders of the next iPhone models. This time with special focus on iPhone XI Max.

Besides the highlight given to this model, this partnership also made a comparison with the previous generation model and with iPhone XI, which is expected to maintain its standard screen size of 5.8".


Note that the photos provided by CashKaro / Onleaks, show us all the splendor of this equipment, because they have the excellent resolution of 5K.

What are the differences between iPhone XS Max and iPhone XI Max?

At first glance and especially on the front, the iPhone XI Max will look and design similar to the iPhone XS Max. The size of your OLED screen will remain at 6.5". However, some information indicates that it may have a minimal reduction in the notch and its margins, even if it is imperceptible to most users.


As for their dimensions, we will see a small increase in them. So this new iDevice will have a height of 157.6mm, a width of 77.5mm and a depth of 8.1mm. Very similar to the iPhone XS Max which has a height of 157.5mm, a width of 77.4mm and a depth of 7.7mm. In case this is compared to the previous creation of iPhone XI, the differences in size will be noticeable. Since the latter will be 143.9mm high, 71.4mm wide and 7.8mm thick.

What will be the similarities between iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max?

With the exception of its size, it will be distinct between the two models as is currently the case. Both devices will be equipped with a triple camera module in triangular structure. This will be built into the back of the existing glass, forming for the first time a single and exclusive component. Consequently this will also change the existing rear microphone location, as you can see in the image below.


In addition, the two models will have a new mute button in a circular format, already used in earlier generations of the iPad. Finally a small reference to the Lightning input that will remain in these new models, not yet making Apple the expected transition to the USB-C port.


Curiously these new renders show us that in a design perspective, the triple camera module seems to fit more naturally into the iPhone XI Max. Certainly due to its larger size, which allows to get more space to equip this square module.


Traditionally the leaks and rumors of the new design of the next iPhone models to be released, have corresponded to what Apple presents in its final version. This way from year to year, it seems that the secrecy that in other times praised the giant Cupertino, seems to have the days counted.

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