iPhone XR 2 will get two cameras

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-29 824

The pressure from the Android world is too big to install many cameras in smartphones. So is the same to the iPhone XR. According to a report, this smartphone, which until now had only one camera, is also to receive two pieces in the future.

The successor to iPhone XR, like iPhone XS and XS Max, is said to be equipped with two cameras. Japanese magazine Mac Oktokara reports, Chinese supplier companies for Apple, cite that the new model is scheduled to release in 2019. The name is unknown yet, for the sake of simplicity we call it iPhone XR 2.

iPhone X

The cameras are designed to cover the wide-angle and telephoto range, such as the iPhone X and XS. The next generation of iPhone X---We can just call it iPhone XI, is supposed to get three cameras already.

This would also eliminate the software solution used to create the portrait effect used in the iPhone XR. On the other hand, for iPhone XS, a recording with depth information is created together with the two cameras, which then allows close consideration of the face.

We are also excited to see if Apple will install an OLED on the XR2 or whether the XI and XI Max will continue to be the only models with the superior screen technology.


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