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Is 8K TV worth buying?

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-07 1439

CES 2019 is around the corner. According to the information we have seen recently, it is predicted that 8K TV will be a highlight.


Samsung, Sharp, Sony, LG and other global TV brands have launched 8K products or are actively planning to release its new products. In the upstream panel industry, LG Display, Samsung shows that Sharp and other companies are leading in 8K panel manufacturing. BOE (Beijing Oriental), CSOT, AUO, Innolux Display Group and other companies are also actively developing mass-produced 8K products. As the opening of 2019, it will soon be the big show. The CES is obviously an extraordinary 8K event.

New technologies and products are always expensive. It's a long process to wait for prices to decline after maturity. For example, when 4K TV was just launched, the price would be more than $1455.4. Until now, it has become a popular product. The price has been accepted by most users. It took about 5 to 6 years. Now the price of 8K TV is not as high as 4K, but it is also beyond the affordability of most consumers.

If you don't choose 8K TV, you can buy an excellent 4K TV at this price and use it with a good sound system.

What are the advantages of 8K TV to support such a high price? The answer is yes. From 720P resolution specifications, all the way to 1080P and then to 4K, now 8K debut, the resolution is a very important reason for visual enhancement. 1080P products (1920 *1080), the number of screen pixels is 2073600; 8K (7680 *4320), the number of screen pixels is as high as 33177600, 16 times the gap reflects in your eyes, the world is completely different.

resolution of 8K TV 

The problem is that if you want to feel the exquisite quality of 8K and get immersion, you need to sit within 1.5 meters of the screen to achieve, and beyond this distance, you can hardly distinguish the difference between 4K screen and 8K screen in pixel detail. So before choosing 8K TV, you need to think more about the indoor layout.

the exquisite quality of 8K  

Space and viewing distance are not the most important concerns now, because you can't even see 8K video content. We know that Japan has launched a new 8K TV channel. In addition to an 8K resolution TV, you need a special satellite receiver or a decoder. These devices are not cheap. According to Japan's plan, the first attempt to achieve 8K live broadcasting is also the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Users in other regions may have to wait longer to make full use of the available 8K TV.

Some people will say that I can watch 8K content from the internet, there is no need to rely on that remote satellite. The test data that have been carried out show that to achieve 8K video content transmission, at least 50Mbps connection speed is needed. In many cities of China, this connection speed can be achieved theoretically, but considering the actual application environment, it is doubtful whether it can be achieved. Try watching 4K video content from the internet, and imagine that the amount of data transmitted per second has increased by four times.

For network video providers, server space costs are huge, and this is still based on content in a lower resolution format. The size of 8K video streams in an hour is about 75.2Gbs (9.4GB capacity). It is not possible to supply 8K content in large quantities under current conditions.

network video providers  

Compared with the existing large size 4K LCD TV and OLED TV, it is really difficult for us to find a reason to persuade you to buy 8K. The price is expensive and the content is scarce enough to make people frustrated and lazy. But this does not mean that 8K is not a good technology, it can bring us more picture details, more easily let users feel immersed experience. Starting from the basic principle of evaluating the quality of TV, 8K is better, and it is necessary to add it to the future purchase list.

Compared with 8K and 4K 

In CES in 2019, we will surely see a lot of 8K products appear. Now most manufacturers have begun to strive to make 8K more close to the general consumer population, and the popularization process of 4K is the same. Starting from terminal hardware, content manufacturing gradually keeps up with it. This time it will be longer, but maybe not as long as 5-6 years.


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