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Is the air fryer really healthier than the other frying pans? All you want is here!

ByJoe Horner 2019-08-01 5315

Is it true that there is a pan that can make fried food without oil, and the taste is not bad? Sure! The name of this pot is "air fryer". Why is it called an air fryer? What's the principle? Is the air fryer really healthier than the other frying pans? What are the benefits of air fryer and who are they suitable for use? Let's talk about it.


Why is it called an air fryer?

In fact, air fryer is a concept put forward by Philips. At the 2010 IFA International Consumer Electronics Show, Philips unveiled a small kitchen appliance called "Airfryer".

How does it work?

This kind of air fryer is about the same size as the rice cooker. It is heated at the top and combined with the patented high-speed air circulation technology to form a rapid circulation of heat flow through the hot air in the closed pan. Replacing the hot oil in the original frying pan with air to make the food cooked.


At the same time, the hot air also takes away the moisture on the surface of the food, so that the ingredients can achieve the effect of similar frying without rolling oil.

Is it true that air fryer don't use oil? What are the advantages of it over traditional frying?

First of all, the traditional way of frying is more dangerous, and friends who often cook are more or less scalded by hot oil.


Air fryer is different, it is cooked in a closed space, there is no need to worry about oil spatter, just take care not to be scalded by the wall of the pot when taking food.

Let's talk about the "oil" that everyone is most concerned about.

Whether it's traditional scramble or frying, it takes a lot of oil, and it's exciting to watch the food in the hot oil bubble and turn golden brown. However, this process is actually a process of oil absorption.


Fried food has a higher oil content, and long-term consumption of fried food will harm your health and even cause cancer. But there is no denying that it is faster and better to cook food in this way.

Air frying pans do not use oil, and even seep out oil when making meat. This is because some meat itself is high in fat, such as skinned drumsticks and wings, which exudate their own fat during cooking. But for foods with low fat content, such as chicken breast, beef, French fries, etc., a layer of oil on the surface will taste better.


Air fryer is free from worry.

The traditional way of frying requires people to be around all the time, constantly flipping over and smoking some lampblack; with an air fryer, you just need to set the food, set the temperature and time to OK, which is pretty easier.

What's the difference between an air fryer and an oven?

In fact, the air fryer is essentially a mini oven, working in a slightly different way. The airfryer makes use of the hot air circulation in the pan to cook the food, while the electric oven uses the radiative heat emitted by the electric heating element to cook the food. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two?


Advantages of air fryer:

1. Small size, easy to accept. 

The oven basically will not move where it is placed, the air frying pan can be taken in when it is not in use, and it can be taken out when it is used.

2. Save time and electricity.

The oven is generally heated up and down, but also has to preheat, the efficiency is not as good as the air frying pan, the air frying pan can do the food well in more than ten minutes, and the temperature can be set. It takes half an hour to fry French fries in the oven, right?

3. Less oil, strong water lock. 

The air fryer produces more oil, allows more gravy to seep out, and may taste better.

4. Easy to clean. 

Some of the bottom dishes of the oven can not be removed, it is difficult to clean thoroughly, the overall cleaning of the air frying pan is very simple.

5. The radiation is low. 

In general, charged electrical appliances will have a certain amount of radiation, air frying pan is no exception, but compared with the traditional electric frying pan and oven, the power of air frying pan is relatively small, the radiation is also smaller.

Shortcomings of air fry:

1. The internal space is limited, can not put the plate, want to roast the whole chicken is almost impossible, not suitable for large families to use.

2. There is a lot of noise, and there is a sound similar to that of a blower.

3. There is not as much food to cook as an oven. Basically, the air fryer can make any food that can be done in the oven, but desserts such as cheesecake, bread, pudding and so on can only be baked in the oven.

Who needs an air fryer?


1. Friends who like fried food but worry about hygiene, obesity and health problems, after all, air frying pans can reduce fat by up to 80%. Although the taste is not as good as traditional fried food, but if you are not particularly picky, it is still OK.

2. A small family of less than five people, whether you are single, a world of two, or a family of three, an air frying pan can satisfy your food intake.

3. Friends who are willing to try new things and like to tinker with delicious food. As long as you are willing to try, the air frying pan can still make many kinds of delicious food.

4. A friend who is pressed for time and pursues efficiency. If you buy unhygienic things outside, spend too much time in the oven, and don't bother to wait for your own frying pan, then the air fryer is your easy and efficient choice.

In fact, there is one of the easiest ways to determine whether you need an air fryer:

If you have bought healthy kitchen appliances such as soy milk machines and cooking machines, you can consider starting an air fryer if you still use it. If they have been idle for many years, it is estimated that the air fryer will be the same fate, it would be better to use this money to buy some delicious food.


Read at here, you must have a clear clue in you mind. If you like eat fryer food, the air fryer is an excellent choice. Would you pick a air fryer? If you want try it, Gearbest have lot's of good quality air fryer provided, just go and choose one!

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