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JGAURORA A5 updated large printing size 3D printer – unleash a world of creativity

ByDavid Tsang 2018-09-15 2558

3D printers have transformed what’s possible. Bringing advanced industrial production to the consumer market, affordable 3D printing offers a world of creativity for enthusiasts. The affordable JGAURORA A5 3D printer offers some of the largest printing sizes available to consumers and enthusiasts. We get hands on and take a closer look.


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JGAURORA large printing size 3D printer overview

Cutting edge 3D printing solutions now exist for consumers and home users. The powerful JGAURORA A5 Updated Large Printing Size 3D Printer is packed to the brim with the latest in cutting edge features at an incredible price point. Ideal for creative and artistic users, this popular 3D printer model combines superb design with an unbeatable feature set. Right out of the box, the minimalist industrial design with two-tone appearance immediately stands out with its refined, elegant look. Assembly is incredibly fast, requiring just 4 fixed position screws.  

the design of JGAURORA A5 updated large printing size 3D printer 

Once it's up and running, the JGAURORA powerhouse provides one of the largest printing areas with a massive volume size of 305 x 305 x 320mm – this allows it to print much larger, more detailed models compared to other desktop 3D printers. An innovative Black Diamond Glass (BDG) heated platform combines with a special alloy nozzle and automatic material recognition system for stunning 3D printing results. A large 2.8 inch color touch screen provides precision control over the 3D printing user experience.

product forming size of  JGAURORA A5 updated large printing size 3D printer  

GAURORA large printing size 3D printer video display

First, let's enjoy the GAURORA large printing size 3D printer review video.



JGAURORA A5 Updated Large Printing Size 3D Printer - BLACK US PLUG

JGAURORA A5 Updated Large Printing Size 3D Printer - BLACK US PLUG
$341 $289.89   


Product highlights

A powerful yet affordable 3D printer, the JGAURORA 3D printer seamlessly combines smart design with impressive results.

● Large 305 x 305 x 320mm 3D printing area

● Minimalist design with fast assembly

● Powerful failure protection and filament run-out detection

●​ Better printing experience, high print accuracy and speed

Specifications at a glance

Let's take a closer look at size and specs of this superb 3D printer.

Product name
JGAURORA A5 updated large printing size 3D printer
CNC,complete machine,metal
Product forming size
305 x 305 x 320mm
Platform temperature
Room temperature to 110 degree
Platform board
Aluminum alloy + glass
Print speed
Nozzle quantity
Nozzle diameter
Nozzle temperature
Room temperature to 250 degrees
Material diameter
XY-axis positioning accuracy
Layer thickness
Working power
Connector type
SD card,USB
Product weight
13.8kg (1.8lb)
Product size
53.8 x 55.3 x 54.3cm (21.2 x 21.8 x 21.4 inches)
Package contents
1 x fully-assembled A5 printer, 1 x spool, 1 x USB 2.0 cable, 1 x power cable, 1 x USB 3.0 stick, 2 x allen wrench

Why you should buy it

A fantastic desktop 3D printer, the JGAURORA delivers incredible results as an affordable 3D printing solution. With high precision, fantastic features and an all-time low price of just $289.89 at GearBest. Transforming your dreams into 3D reality has never been easier.

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