JJRC H54W vs. JJRC H47 ELFIE: the comparison of 2 best portable camera RC drones

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Today we are reviewing and comparing two of the best foldable drones currently in the market: JJRC H54W and H47. Both are manufactured by one of the most renowned brands in the toy drone market. Let’s find out which one of the two models best fits your needs.


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JJRC H54W mini WiFi FPV camera RC drone review

Let's first discuss H54W performance, features and specifications. H54W is a newer drone, released this year, while H47 was released last year. H54W is also slightly cheaper than the H47, and we will tell you why further on the article.


JJRC H54W Foldable Mini RC Drone WiFi FPV Camera / Waypoints - SILVER


When it comes to performance, JJRC H54W and H47 are very similar, both are very responsive to commands and have a surprisingly good stability, even in windy conditions. H54W is a small and easy to control quadcopter that is suited for both indoor and outdoor flights.

Now, let's enjoy a flying performance of JJRC H54W mini RC drone.




JJRC H54W camera is 480P resolution with a standard VGA quality. The image quality is decent; it meets the average quality for a toy camera drone. An amazing characteristic is the Live Video transmission via WiFi. In fact, H54W is one of the most affordable drones including a built-in camera capable of recording video, taking photos and also transmitting Live Video directly to the pilot's smartphone via WiFi.


First of all, we must highlight how feature-rich these new pocket drones are, even despite being so affordable! H54W is no exception and features: Voice Control, Waypoints Flight Path, G-sensor Control, Altitude Hold, and of course Headless Mode. An amazing set of features that are aimed at enhancing pilot's experience.


One of the most important characteristics of H54W is without a doubt its foldable design. Designed with portability in mind, H54W can easily fit a pocket or backpack. In fact, the product package includes a storage box; easily carry around the drone with you.


JJRC H54W specs are not breathtaking. However, we must take into consideration the low price tag of the quadcopter and the already mentioned wide set of features plus camera with Live Video. This being said, H54W is still capable of meeting the average specs for a drone within its category. We are talking about a maximum control distance of 50 meters and a flight time up to 5 minutes.

JJRC H47 ELFIE RC pocket selfie drone review 

Now let's move on to JJRC H47 Elfie, the first foldable camera drone that JJRC manufactured following the growing trend of portable camera drones.


JJRC H47 ELFIE+ Foldable RC Pocket Selfie Drone - RTF - BLUE STANDARD VERSION


Much like H54W, Elfie H47 was also designed to be an easy to fly quadcopter. It has a very stable hover, allowing it to be a good fit even to beginners. Despite being a small and lightweight drone, it can be flown outdoor even in moderate windy conditions. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying.

You can get acquainted with the JJRC H47 ELFIE RC pocket drone via the following video.  




JJRC H47 comes with a built-in VGA quality camera with a 720p resolution for both video and photos. A great highlight of this pocket drone is the capability to transmit Live Video directly to the pilot's smartphone device via WiFi. This is done through a free to download app. The app also features Beauty Mode, thus allowing you to embellish the moments you capture.


H47 comes with an interesting set of features made to enhance the pilot's experience. It includes: Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, G-sensor Mode, Waypoints Flight Path, Beauty Mode and the 360º aerial stunt. Everything you need to enjoy the most out of your drone.


As we already mentioned, H47 was JJRC's first foldable design camera drone to hit the stores back in 2017. It was a huge hit. For the first time people could enjoy a portable camera drone without spending a lot of money. Easily fold in the arms of the quad and carry it around with you wherever you go.


When it comes to specs, JJRC H47 Elfie is surprisingly slightly above average! It features a maximum control distance of 80 to 100 meters, depending on flight conditions. Plus, a 7-minute flight time. Very good specs when compared to other same price drones.

Main differences between H54W and H47

Now, let's make a summary on the main differences between JJRC H54W and JJRC H47 ELFIE:

Cheaper Slightly more expensive
Recent model, released in 2018 JJRC's first foldable drone, released in 2017
480P camera 720P camera
voice control No voice control
5-minute flight time 7-minute flight time
50-meter max control distance 80-meter max control distance

JJRC H54W vs. H47: the verdict

When it comes down to picking one or the other it really depends on your budget and what do you prefer. If you want a newer and cheaper model with more features but weaker specs, go with the H54W. If you prioritize specs and camera resolution, go with the older model the H47. At the end of the day, both products are very well designed and manufactured, and that's why it's two of everyone's favorite portable drones. 

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