Latest leaks and new features about iOS 13 and macOS 10.15

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-24 739

9to5Mac continues its series of revelations about the next versions of iOS and macOS - iOS 13 and macOS 10.15. Apple would bring a little closer to its operating systems. What new features will the upcoming Apple OS bring us. Let’s find out.

The Apple WWDC will only start on June 3, but we are already beginning to know a lot about Tim Cook's announcements. Guilherme Rambo, a developer causing many leaks on Apple in recent years, reveals on 9to5Mac Apple's projects to bring macOS and iOS closer. The year 2019 could be major for Mac and iPhone operating systems.

Marzipan: iOS apps on Mac

Apple officialized it last year, UIKit will allow iOS apps to run on Mac. Dubbed marzipan internally, this process should allow both operating systems to offer the same functions. Currently, some demo applications (home, purse, Dictaphone) already use it.


9to5Mac details the operation of UIKit. In Xcode, the Apple development application, it will be possible to tick a button to run an iOS app on Mac (there will, of course, full of technical adjustments to be made). Developers would then have some APIs to improve their applications to, for example, add touch bar compatibility and keyboard shortcuts. UIKit applications should also be able to open on multiple Windows. Split view, which allows you to display two applications side by side, can be resized as desired.

External storage for a few applications

The latest iPad Pro has dropped their lightning port for USB type-C, so we now know why. 9to5Mac announces that some applications, especially for photo editing, can natively read the contents of an SD card or camera. There would be no need to import them into the photo application beforehand. We don't know yet what Apple has to do with the other news.

Ever more augmented reality

ARKit, Apple's augmented reality platform, would dramatically improve with iOS 13. In particular, it could adapt to human reactions. Apple would also prepare the support for physical controllers and augmented reality helmets. It also whispers that the brand is preparing a helmet of this type on its side.

Siri, NFC, Taptic engine... more openess

App developers will have more opportunities with Siri this year. Search, voice calls, music playback, event reservation, attachments, boarding gate information etc. Siri would be more versatile.


The NFC also would be more open in iOS 13. Developers of third-party apps could read the tags ISO7816, FeliCa, and MiFare. At the moment, Apple restricts this functionality to NDEF tags.


Taptic engine, which offers haptic feedback on the entire screen of an iPhone, would also open to third-party apps. Developers could use the system as they wish and would no longer be dependent on Apple's strict rules. The Peek and pop function, which allows to preview the contents of an attachment, could be open to everyone.


Another opening, the Apple document scanning system, exclusive to notes, would open to all applications. Apple would also release a new version of CoreML, its framework dedicated to machine learning. This new version would be better adapted to user habits and would facilitate the work of the developers.

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