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Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro (YOGA C930) review: the third flip shaft revolution

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-23 2549

If you know well about notebooks, you will be familiar with the Lenovo YOGA series. As one of the main forms of the 2 in 1 notebook, the flip shaft notebook is first created by Lenovo YOGA series. It has been 6 years since the birth of YOGA products in 2012. YOGA products have gone through seven iterations in the Pro series alone. Now it has already formed the complete YOGA family including the three different level notebooks in global: YOGA 500/700/900.

Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro

If you know well about notebooks, you will be familiar with the Lenovo YOGA series. As one of the main forms of the 2 in 1 notebook, the flip shaft notebook is first created by Lenovo YOGA series. It has been 6 years since the birth of YOGA products in 2012. YOGA products have gone through seven iterations in the Pro series alone. Now it has already formed the complete YOGA family including the three different level notebooks in global: YOGA 500/700/900.

The YOGA 7 Pro is also named YOGA C930. It is reported that all the names of Lenovo notebooks with flip shaft start with a C, the first letter of the English word "Convertible". And the name starts with S (Slim) refer to the lightweight products, such as YOGA S730, ideapad s530-13. The name starts with D refers to the detachable 2 in 1 notebook, such as ideapad D330.    


Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro - 13IKB ( YOGA C930 ) Touch Notebook - DARK GRAY I7-8550U/16G/1TB/HD620

Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro - 13IKB ( YOGA C930 ) Touch Notebook - DARK GRAY I7-8550U/16G/1TB/HD620
$3598 $3166.51    


Now, let's turn our attention back to YOGA's traditional flagship YOGA 7 Pro. The product we review is the high-end version euipped with i7 8550U processor, 16G on-board dual channel memory, top version of 1T PCle SSD, 4K screen. At present, it sells for $3166.51 on GearBest during the Black Friday Sale.


The hardware configuration is almost the same as the YOGA 6 Pro, probably because of the delay in the project. This generation of YOGA 7 Pro didn't carry the whiskeylake processor like the rest of the family, but continued to run the KabyLake-R processor. The WhiskeyLake version is expected to be updated later. But the screen added support for Dolby's HDR content display, and the stylus was built in for the first time.

There was also a brief mention of the configuration of the YOGA 7 Pro. The YOGA 7 Pro was originally equipped with an i58250U processor, 8G on-board dual-channel memory, and 512g PCle SSD, 1080P 100%sRGB high color gamut IPS touch pressure-sensitive screen. The top version in our hand is i7 8550U 16G dual channel memory 1t PCle SSD, 4K high color gamut touch screen.

But in terms of the release level of CPU, the YOGA 7 Pro is running the kabylake-r platform. But both peak performance and long-term releases are better than many entry-level whikseylake-powered but poorly released products.

Display and design

As the flagship product of YOGA series, although Lenevo YOGA 7 Pro is not the most frivolous product of the YOGA family, But the specifications of 14.9 mm thin and 1.38 kg light (1.4 kg glass plate) are not very stressful to lift with one hand. It can be accepted as a 13.9 inch product.

the specifications of 14.9 mm thin and 1.38 kg light 

The screen is unsurprisingly fully covered with Corning gorilla glass, and we have a 4K resolution version of this one. After years of optimization, most applications have a much better zoom adaptation for ultra-high resolution screens than they did when Win10 was born in 2015.

This generation of YOGA 7 Pro Standard Edition still uses the CNC integrated all aluminum fuselage design, but each side of the metal plate is very thick, not like the usual introduction products used thin metal. A surface also made a very fine metal sand blasting process to enhance the touch.

the CNC integrated all aluminum fuselage design 

The top cover is also available in glass, and the official website offers a variety of designs to choose from. And the glass plate that we have on our hands fits perfectly with the metal border. There was no uneven seam. It is important to know that the dual-material design of metal-embedded glass needs to prevent glass from breaking due to thermal expansion, cold contraction and slight impact on the edge. There is still a high demand for the combination of design and processing.

the glass plate 

The axis is the most variable part of the average consumer's eye. For the first time in the YOGA Pro family, the YOGA 3 Pro was replaced by a new version of its built-in double-high-pitched loudspeaker, replacing the YOGA 3 Pro with a table-chained shaft design, a huge change.

This time, the axis part has changed from the original one-piece to the current two-paragraph, and the one on the left with Lenovo logo is supposed to be the main shaft. The design of a loudspeaker in the shaft has never been seen before, though the shaft has holes all over the body, but the sound actually goes out towards the b plane. After practical use, it is found that the design can effectively reduce sound attenuation for the flip theory.

the axis of YOGA 3 Pro 

Most of the loudspeakers are designed either on either side of the C-plane keyboard or on the side of the d-plane, so that in the use of the flipping text, there will always be a probability of blocking the loudspeaker to affect the sound effect. The YOGA 7 Pro's built-in loudspeaker allows the laptop to ensure that the speaker is directed at the user at any angle, so that the sound effect is optimal. Added to the D-side two bass speakers, the YOGA 7 Pro sound performance is excellent.

Of course, this kind of hearing experience description belongs to metaphysics, it is recommended to go to the experience shop.

As for the speaker-supported Dolby panoramic sound system (Dolby Atoms) and the screen-supported Dolby event horizon (Dolby Vision HDR), it needs to match the content that supports Dolby panorama or Dolby HDR. The average user may be more aware of the Dollar than the panoramic sound, and when the system status bar is turned off, the level of the sound will be significantly reduced.

As for the Dolby horizon, it is claimed to be the most advanced HDR technology at present, which is better than the mainstream HDR technology. While native support for Dolby HDR display technology will be available on the WhiskeyLake platform, no other laptop manufacturer has yet to follow suit on the screen.

The association that shook hands with Dolby at the beginning of the year was more forward-looking in this regard. In the future, HDR ecology will be more mature when there will be a stunning view.

Dolby vision 

Another problem after eliminating the usual metal hinge is the antenna slot. This time, the YOGA 7 Pro is putting it on the side of the whole body, one is on the left and the other is on the right. The side of the body still uses the wire drawing polishing process that Lenovo 700 series and 900 series products can only use. It looks very textured under the light, but the daily use should be careful to prevent the scratch.

As a flag aircraft product, YOGA Pro series has not been followed the trend to cancel the USB-A to adopt full USB-C interface, which is worthy of praise. The whole machine has a USB 3.0-A interface and two full speed USB-C lightning 3 interfaces, and a single port has the maximum 40Gbps theoretical bandwidth. It supports external lightning solid-state hard disk, super-high-score display, graphics card expansion dock and other equipment. It has a power key on the right. Recent generations of YOGA flipping books have begun to cancel the side volume key.

In addition to the new integrated loudspeakers, there is a big change in the shaft. A stylus is built in the fuselage, weighing only 5.5g, which supports 4096 pressure. A spring indentation scheme similar to Samsung note phone is adopted. Users can press the pen cap to pop up the stylus.As the pen is smaller, and the range of pop-up is not large, it is difficult to pick up the pen. Hope the next generation product to be optimized.

the stylus built in the fuselage 

And the stylus technique should still be Wacom AES active electromagnetic pressure. It supports 4096 pressure. And the charging method also becomes contact plug into the notebook for charging because the size of the pen is reduced. Officials say they can charge up to 80% of the electricity in 15 seconds. It can be fully filled in five minutes. And it supports 2.5 hours of continuous use.

The most significant point of this pen is that it is portable and inserted directly into the fuselage. It needs not be attached to the side of the fuselage as the previous Lenovo stylus scheme. It affects carrying and is easy to lose. However, this is still a matter of opinion, the old stylus with Bluetooth function, the shape of the pen is also more similar to the normal pen. It is comfortable to write and draw for a long time. The pen on the YOGA 7 Pro also sacrificed Bluetooth and feel because of portability.

On the one hand, the stylus can be used as a complement to the precision operation of the touch screen, on the other hand, for some creators, the support of the stylus gives it light productivity at any time and anywhere. And you don't need to buy a stylus alone this time, but if you need a grip or Bluetooth remote boot, you can buy an Lenovo external pen.


We found something new on the camera of this generation of YOGA 7 Pro products, and this design was introduced on YOGA following the introduction of the physical camera cover board in thinkpad.

the camera of YOGA 7 Pro​ 

Personally I think this kind of new cover board design will get popularizing on the model of Lenovo in the future. And this design is also more beautiful than the current black cover scheme, which is exposed to the outside. It also solved the awkward embarrassment of the dual cameras equipped with the cover plate.

Speaking here, the next generation of YOGA Pro should also consider adding an infrared face camera.

Game performance and battery capacity

Using AfterBurner to monitor the data, under the highest quality of CSGO, the power consumption in the game process is almost 22W, and the main frequency is above 3.0Ghz. In other standalone games, the situation is basically the same. It can be said that the current YOGA 7 Pro performance scheduling is very suitable for connecting the external graphics dock.

The battery capacity of the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro is 60 Wh, which occupies almost half of the area of the machine. PC Mark8's Work mode is used to carry out the test. The measured result is 5 hours and 9 minutes. Because it's a 4K screen, the results are pretty good. A 1080P screen version is recommended if there is a higher requirement for renewal.

the measured result of battery life​ 


As the new generation flagship of YOGA products, YOGA 7 Pro (YOGA C930) inherits the excellent workmanship and unremitting exploration of new process and new design of YOGA Pro series. The flip shaft design is the biigest difference from the previous generation products.

The YOGA Pro is priced at $3166.51. It's a liitle pricy. But considering the new technological process, the 512G SSD, and the dedicated stylus pen, it's really worth the price tag.  

Therefore, if you have sufficient budget, and want to look for a different cool techs full of black technology and excellent performance, the the Lenovo YOGA 7 Pro (YOGA C930) is your best choice.  


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