Lenovo Z6 Pro detailed review: best specs for affordable price

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-24 1734

As early as last year, Lenovo has released its flagship, Lenovo Z5 Pro (GT). This time Lenovo Z6 Pro is the iteration work of Lenovo's 855 flagship. Lenovo Z6 Pro will have stronger competitiveness in the market with its strong hardware strength and flexible pricing strategy.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: specs


Product name
Lenovo Z6 Pro
Size and weight
15.75 cm x 7.46 cm x 0.865 cm, 185 g
6.39 inches AMOLED HD+
6GB/8GB/12GB + 128GB/256GB/512GB
Snapdragon 855
Rear cameras
quad camera with 48MP ( f/1.8, PDAF) primary sensor + 16MP (f/2.2, 12mm) ultrawide lens, 8MP (f/2.4, PDAF) telephoto lens, 2MP (f/1.8, 2.9µm, OIS, PDAF) dedicated video cam and TOF 3D camera.
Front camera
32MP (f/2.0, HDR, 1080p@30fps)


Lenovo Z6 Pro 4G Phablet Global Version - Black

Lenovo Z6 Pro 4G Phablet Global Version - Black
Arrival Notice    


Lenovo Z6 Pro: price

The Lenovo Z6 Pro offers us many memory options with different price:  

Lenevo Z6 Pro 6GB+128GB priced at 2899 yuan (about $432)

Lenevo Z6 Pro 8GB+128GB priced at 2999 yuan (about $446)

Lenevo Z6 Pro 8GB+256GB priced at 3799 yuan (aobut $566)

Lenevo Z6 Pro 12GB+512GB priced at 4999 yuan (about $745)

Lenovo Z6 Pro: design

We got Lenovo Z6 Pro for black color this time. As soon as you get it, you will find that Lenovo Z6 Pro and Lenovo Z5 Pro have the same color in design.  

Both of them are also based on black. The overall body should be more depressed, and this time Lenovo Z6 Pro made a red streamline strip from top to bottom in the camera area. The color impact effect is obvious, full of motion. 

Lenovo Z6 Pro: design 

Lenovo Z6 Pro does not use the special texture trend design which is popular nowadays, but adopts the 3D streamer gradient coating technology, so the mirror effect is very obvious. With the curvature of the 3D curved glass on the upper back, Lenovo Z6 Pro's single-handed grip on the mobile phone is quite round and full of touch.

In addition, its red streamline strip is not the pure solidification on the surface of the image. Looking closely, it can be found that there is a clear vertical texture. As you move the mobile phone, you can find that it gradually diverges around.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: screen

On the front, Lenovo Z6 Pro uses a 6.39-inch Samsung AMOLED water drop notch screen with a resolution of 2340 x 1080. From a subjective point of view, Lenovo Z6 Pro still maintains a relatively good high-screen proportion effect. With the high saturation screen display effect of Samsung A screen, Lenovo Z6 Pro can bring more colorful video experience.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: screen 

In addition, the official claims that a new patented innovative framework design with nano-suspension spraying technology can make the narrow frame screen never warp.

In detail, Lenovo Z6 Pro front distance sensor and receiver made a concealed design, light sensor is distributed on the top, this time Lenovo Z6 Pro also retained 3.5mm headphone interface, which is good to use.

The side button area of Lenovo Z6 Pro is designed with arc-shaped concave surface, which is somewhat different from what we usually see.

Since last year's Lenovo Z5 Pro, Lenovo's flagship mobile phone function has focused not only on the powerful performance, but also on the field of photography. This time Lenovo Z6 Pro strengthened the photography once again, and quickly followed up the popular four-camera strategy. It not only has the strength of 48 megapixel photography, but also has long-focus, wide-angle and night-vision lenses, which broadens the applicable scene of photographic video.

On the back, Lenovo Z6 Pro uses a vertical left four-camera display, with a ring of red decoration on the lens, which matches the streamline strip very well. In the photo, Lenovo Z6 Pro has PDAF + 3.6m laser dual fast focusing, so there are laser focusing holes on the right side of the flash.

As far as the overall appearance is concerned, Lenovo Z6 Pro is more biased towards the dark wind and the strong performance of Inner Dragon 855, which can be called a hard core performance monster. In terms of thickness, through our actual measurement, the thickness of Lenovo Z6 Pro is 8.35 mm.

However, Lenovo Z6 Pro is not defined as a light flagship of fashion. It can be seen from its 4000 mAh high power, 48 megapixel principal camera and Qualcomm snapdragon 855 that Lenovo Z6 Pro still focuses more on the all-round flagship works of "toughness and fighting".

Lenovo Z6 Pro: camera

Lenovo Z6 Pro defaults to 12 million pixels output and needs to manually turn on 48MP ultra-clear photos. In addition, Lenovo Z6 Pro also provides extreme quality options to refine the image processing.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: camera 

Through the performance of the sample, we can see that Lenovo Z6 Pro's tune style is still more inclined to restore the true. With the help of 48MP output, Lenovo Z6 Pro can maintain a higher resolution of the picture and retain more details. In the Warcraft Figure Sheet above, the front image is more sharp, and the surface details of the characters are restored to a certain extent.

Apart from having more flexible picture output mode, Lenovo Z6 Pro also has an ultra-wide angle with a single-pixel size of 2.9 microns and a visual field of up to 125 degrees. Lenovo Z6 Pro also has a 2.39 centimeter super-macro focusing in the super wide-angle lens.

Long-focus, ultra-wide angle and micro-distance are the mainstream multi-lens play methods of many mobile phone manufacturers at present. With the combination of lens, Lenovo Z6 Pro can achieve multi-scene composition from near-range to long-range, short-focus to long-focus, and increase the coverage of photographic scenes.

Lenovo Z6 Pro also uses a night vision camera with a single-pixel size of 2.9 microns. The size of a single pixel is similar to the size of the screen hole of the camera sensor. The larger the aperture, the greater the light input, the higher the dark effect of the night scene, such as the enhancement of the super night scene function in video shooting.

At present, most of the single pixel sizes of sensors are between 1 and 2 microns, and Lenovo Z6 Pro adds this lens to assist imaging and improve the dark performance, which I think is also the coverage of the whole scene.

Lenovo Z6 Pro's self-shooting effect also tends to restore the real, supporting portrait mode, built-in five beauty effects.

In addition, Lenovo Z6 Pro supports the body-building function when using the post-camera function.

Compared with the current self-timer playing method of major manufacturers, I think Lenovo Z6 Pro still has some room for improvement, such as custom face-shaving, and there are only five fixed templates in the beauty effect. I think AI can be used to increase the intelligent beauty effect in the future.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: video recording performance

In addition to emphasizing the photographic function, Lenovo Z6 Pro joined the super video function of HYPER VIDEO. By combining hardware with software, Lenovo Z6 Pro realized the video shooting methods of super sports, super micro-distance, super wide angle and super body, among which the super night scene playing method is camera-borne and does not need to be opened.

And this function is also based on four different scenery lenses to achieve, for our daily video shooting to create more scenery space. For example, we will show you the details of how to use Wide Angle Head to produce a landscape video and Super Macro to produce a micro video.

In addition, Lenovo Z6 Pro will also add the dual-view Vlog playing method, using the advantages of multi-camera, output three formats of forward, backward and front-back in the same frame, to improve the playability of Vlog shooting. However, this short video divinity skill is not currently open, and officials say it will be upgraded in the next OTA.

The first impression Lenovo Z6 Pro gave me in photography was "all". Lenovo Z6 Pro tried to bring a better and more complete use experience from lens function. For a daily travel photo user like me, Lenovo Z6 Pro will be a weapon in hand to meet my multi-angle shooting needs.

However, Lenovo Z6 Pro still needs to be further strengthened in the photography algorithm. It has been gradually catching up in hardware, but it also needs to be stylized in the photography effect algorithm to create better picture performance.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: 6th generation in-display fingerprint sensor

This time Lenovo Z6 Pro adopted the sixth generation photoelectric screen fingerprint technology, the internal use of triple lenses, fingerprint unlocking speed has increased.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: 6th generation in-display fingerprint sensor  

4D U-Touch

The 4D U-Touch function should be familiar to the old ZUI users. By interacting with the gestures of the internal sensors, it can achieve a variety of fast functions, concise and efficient.

We mentioned earlier that the U-Touch interaction is somewhat different from the current full screen gestures, and users of unused ZUIs may feel strange.

Its specific interaction mode is: sliding up is equal to returning, pausing up to return to the main interface, and sliding sideways to exhale background multitasking.

Changing position

There are many testing functions in ZUI experiment. I think the middle position traversal function is very interesting. It can modify the position of different APPs to achieve the effect of "traversal position".

Changing position

For users who want to buy Lenovo Z6 Pro, this is a function that must be explored. Of course, there is also a function like small window video waiting for you to explore.

Lenovo Z6 Pro: battery performance

Lenovo Z6 Pro offers 4000mAh large battery capacity and unique C2C charging cable. Although the charging power has two gears, in my actual test, the charging power of Lenovo Z6 Pro is about 17-18W, which is still far from the speed of the second gear.

Compared with the USB A-USB C interface given by mobile phones in the past, Lenovo Z6 Pro presented USB C-USB C (abbreviated as C2C). It seems that Lenovo has spared no effort in promoting Type C.

Whether in mobile phone charging or data transmission, USB C is bound to be the future trend. For example, the USB-PD fast charging protocol can be more widely used in mobile devices, but also can provide charging support for computer devices, achieve wire unification, reduce user cost.

The verdict

Lenovo Z6 Pro advantages

Lenovo Z6 Pro disadvantages

Powerful Snapdragon 855 processor

The phone body is a little thick.

Excellent 48MP maijn camera and quad camera setup


4000mAh long battery life



As far as the overall product quality is concerned, Lenovo Z6 Pro is a product with comprehensive functions. When I started this product, I couldn't help comparing it with Xiaomi 9.

On the one hand, Lenovo's competitive marketing strategy last year, on the other hand, the mobile phone is very close to Xiaomi 9. Prior to this, Xiaomi 9 has again won the support of many users by virtue of its high cost performance ratio, but some users have chosen to give up because of electricity and other issues.

Compared with the positioning of Xiaomi 9 fashion flagship, Lenovo Z6 Pro's hard core strength positioning is another choice for former users. With 855, 48 megapixels and 4000 mAh, Lenovo Z6 Pro can attract many users'interest.

Lenovo Z6 Pro is not only for heavy performance users, but also has considerable attraction for daily light users. Lenovo Z6 Pro will be a good choice for users who want to have a full functional design.


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