Lenovo Z6 Pro review: Full-view eye, super-strong photo-taking device

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-09 1861

In fact, Lenovo has experienced many attempts in the mobile phone industry. From the previous experiments of ZUK, Lemeng Mobile, Vibe and other brands, it can be seen that Lenovo is eager to make a good mobile phone.

If we are asked to comment on lenovo, lenovo has actually met its expectations for 2018. It's true that lenovo didn't launch a strong enough flagship phone last year, but every phone was key to lenovo's reprieve last year, and many things have to be done in the current highly competitive mobile phone market.

So when lenovo Z6 Pro came to our hands, we felt that lenovo had indeed made a very detailed preparation this time. The snapdragon 855 processor, super video AI quad-shot and the super configuration of the highest 12+512GB will perform better this time.


The lenovo Z6 Pro combines color, light and shadow with the 3D four-curved body, showing the beauty of time and light.

On the front, the lenovo Z6 Pro has a 6.39-inch water droplet full screen. In terms of screen material, the Samsung customized AMOLED screen is adopted, and the whole-course DC dimming design allows users to get more excellent screen experience, and at the same time, it is more conducive to long-term viewing (PS. Although the screen is healthier, it still needs to pay attention to eye safety).

lenovo Z6 Pro Appearance 

In addition to the screen material and screen dimming mode need to be adjusted, lenovo Z6 Pro further increase the screen proportion, and adopts a new patent innovative architecture design. Coupled with nano-level suspension spray process, the screen narrow frame design never becomes up. It is really beautiful, easy to use and durable.

As a flagship product, lenovo Z6 Pro is equipped with the sixth generation screen photoelectric fingerprint at the same time. It adopts triple lens lens, which can improve the feature point of fingerprint input by 73%. It can unlock the fingerprint quickly no matter your hands are dry or wet.

the sixth generation screen photoelectric fingerprint 

Red and black is not only a professional pronoun (lenovo's little black notebook, with red dots on black background has become the office dream of many business people), but also a pronoun of performance, enthusiasm and youth. Lenovo Z6 Pro adopts the red and black color matching to the extreme.

On the back of lenovo Z6 Pro, a large area of black is used as the background color, supplemented by red streamer pattern. Through the color combination, people can feel the speed, passion and power.

On the back of lenovo Z6 Pro 

The seemingly simple red and black color contrast actually contains countless efforts of designers of lenovo Z6 Pro: through the special 17-layer 3D streamer crescendo coating process, color and shadow are combined together, and 3D four-curved body is added to skillfully show the staggered beauty of time and shadow.

The seemingly simple red and black color contrast actually contains countless efforts of designers of lenovo Z6 Pro: through the special 17-layer 3D streamer crescendo coating process, color and shadow are combined together, and 3D four-curved body is added to skillfully show the staggered beauty of time and shadow.

With the help of the 3D four-curved body and the ultra-high screen proportion, the lenovo Z6 Pro gained a very excellent sense of grip, which further improved the user experience.

On the upper part of the red streamer pattern, there is the Hyper Video solution of lenovo Z6 Pro. The four cameras are slightly raised, and the overall shape is 3+1 "!" And the bottom of the decoration, "Lenovo" logo, red and white collocation let a person think of small black "ThinkPad" logo.

The four cameras  

The lenovo Z6 Pro also does a good job with other details. The design language on the back of the body extends to the border. The red power button and black volume button echo the overall language of the body. To our great credit, the lenovo Z6 Pro still keeps the 3.5mm headphone jack. With the increasing popularity of bluetooth headsets, the retention of the 3.5mm headphone jack is more like a kind of respect for user needs and user selectivity.

On the interface at the bottom of the body, in addition to USB type-c and earpiece, lenovo Z6 Pro adopts symmetrical and irregular speaker holes. The speaker holes from the middle to both sides are getting smaller and smaller. In the gradual change from long strip to round, the dynamic design comes to life.


Before the release of lenovo Z6 Pro, lenovo has long put forward HYPER VIDEO, the latest concept for the era of 5G imaging. From a noun to reality, how does the actual experience of lenovo Z6 Pro interpret HYPER VIDEO in practice?

To achieve the next generation of video experience, of course, the first is to have the corresponding hardware strength.

The lenovo Z6 Pro is equipped with a rear-mounted four-shot solution, which is composed of a 48 megapixel main shot, a 16 megapixel ultra-wide Angle/macro lens, an 8 megapixel telephoto lens and a 2 megapixel night shot lens, and a 32 megapixel selfie lens in front.

Best of all, the lenovo Z6 Pro includes a 2-megapixel night lens. It is equipped with OIS octal optical anti-shake and 2.9 m extra-large unit pixel area. It can achieve higher light sensitivity at night and has a dynamic range of 80dB. With TOF focusing, it can be said to be an exclusive sensor almost built for night slapping.

In addition, the snapdragon 855's built-in Qualcomm Spectra 380 ISP integrates stronger hardware-accelerated computer vision (CV) capabilities and supports hardware acceleration in the HEIF encoding format, resulting in more efficient storage and smaller video content.

HYPER VIDEO is lenovo's first application of the lenovo Z6 Pro's complete image solution, including the integration of its hardware and software technology. After understanding the hardware configuration, let's see the actual performance of lenovo Z6 Pro.

First of all, we can see the performance of daily shooting. With the main sensor of 48 million pixels, lenovo Z6 Pro has satisfactory detail analysis ability and dynamic range. In scenes with extremely complex picture elements, dark details can be fully restored.

the performance of daily shooting 

In scenes with complex light sources, the lenovo Z6 Pro's strong dynamic range ability can be fully demonstrated -- it not only retains the shadow details in the dark place, but also does not overflow the light source, and even retains the original texture of the light tube.

Macro, find another way to play the camera

The lenovo Z6 Pro's 16-megapixel ultra-wide Angle lens also supports macro shooting and 2.39cm ultra-macro shooting. Through this lens, you can find a completely different world.

With the addition of macro lens, we can capture many things that are invisible to the naked eye with the lenovo Z6 Pro.

For example, pixels on an LCD screen.

For example, microletters on paper money.

It can even be used to take a picture of a video going into the micro world.

In front of the powerful macro lens of lenovo Z6 Pro, every fiber and every drop of ink can truly be shown.

Nightly shooting, I can't let go of it.

Night is the home of lenovo Z6 Pro. In addition to the solution of outsole main camera, lenovo Z6 Pro presents another technical route of mobile phone night shot with night shot lens.

Nightly shooting 

Lenovo Z6 Pro also has excellent dynamic range performance at night. The colorful lights in the distance and the transparent night are shown in front of the camera, which is quite eye-pleasing.

Unlike the mainstream super night scene mode, the lenovo Z6 Pro night scene mode can get enough bright night samples.

The ultra wide Angle night scene mode also performs well. The picture transparency and brightness can be compared with the main photography night scene imaging.

Now, of course, the flagship phone has largely solved the problem of taking pictures at night. In the video world, however, most mobile phones are dead on sight. Equipped with OIS 8-axis optical stabilization and 2.9 m extra-large unit pixel area, lenovo Z6 Pro makes night shooting video no longer a pain point to be addressed.

The lenovo Z6 Pro's 2.9 m night shot sensor delivers excellent image performance in poorly lit or even dim scenes. When insufficient light is detected, the lenovo Z6 Pro will automatically be switched to a night shot for shooting.

The 2 megapixel night shot sensor is sufficient for full 1080P hd video recording. With OIS octave optical anti-shake and EIS electronic anti-shake, night shooting is not only bright enough, but also perfect in picture stability. For users who want to shoot VLOG and professional video, shooting night scenes may not need professional camera equipment.

What's more, the night shot even supports slow motion. The appearance of the lenovo Z6 Pro rewrites the rule that previous slow-motion shoots required so much light that even during the day, the brightness would be much less.

It can be seen that the images taken by lenovo Z6 Pro are still bright and clear enough, even if the slow motion mode is used at night. The scenery at night is different with the slow motion.

Rich playability and strong night racquet performance make lenovo Z6 Pro a VLOG artifact. In the future, lenovo Z6 Pro will also add double scene VLOG function through OTA update. 

Performance: the snapdragon 855

There is no doubt that the lenovo Z6 Pro is powered by qualcomm snapdragon 855, which is also the standard processor of this year's android flagship. This makes lenovo the only mobile phone manufacturer with two flagship snapdragon 855 models.

The snapdragon 855 adopts TSMC’s '1+3+4' architecture based on ARM DynamIQ. The Kryo 485 Gold Prime core of 2.84ghz and the Kryo 485 Gold core of 2.42ghz are responsible for high-load tasks. Compared with the '2+2' configuration, the '1+3' configuration will achieve better performance and efficiency.

The GPU has always been Qualcomm's flagship processor. The newly upgraded Adreno 640 is 20% more powerful than its predecessor and supports Snapdragon Elite Gaming platform. It brings true HDR, PBR, Vulkan 1.1 and many other new features, allowing the lenovo Z6 Pro to easily control all the popular mobile game.

In terms of theoretical running points, lenovo Z6 Pro's Geekbench score is 3,494 points per core, 10,672 points per core, and 36,2873 points per annabelle, both of which are the normal level of snapdragon 855.

We turned on HDR hd picture quality and limit picture quality. In the 16 minutes or so game, the frame rate of lenovo Z6 Pro remained stable at 60 frames, as a straight line (the last frame drop is the settlement interface).

Lenovo Z6 Pro is also equipped with a maximum of 12GB of running memory and 512G of storage space. It also adopts PC-level liquid cooling, combined with AI heat prediction management, to calm down the phone while running at high frequency and make the phone run with high performance.

In addition, lenovo Z6 Pro is built with a big battery of 4000 mah, which guarantees strong battery life. It is also equipped with 27W safety quick charging head, which can be charged without getting hot while playing, and it supports OTG reverse charging.


On the lenovo Z6 Pro, the latest ZUI 11 system is installed (based on the current Android 9.0). However, from the UI point of view, lenovo has entered a relatively mature stage, and there is no major style difference from the previous generation ZUI 10. If you are a user familiar with lenovo mobile phone, I believe you can get familiar with it soon.

As a unique ZUI, the overall style is relatively fresh, revealing a sense of youth, which is not felt in many mobile phone UI; The irregular ICONS make the whole system full of aura, very comfortable.

While not much has changed in terms of appearance, the ZUI itself has a lot to be proud of. ZUI has a smart negative screen built into the left side of the desktop, which integrates content you use on a daily basis, like your ticket information, the weather today, or the way home.

Among other things, the ZUI of lenovo's Z6 Pro has special lab features, including a very helpful game mode that allows you to enjoy the game while playing. Position crossing, small window video and other functions are very interesting; Of course, how can the video and audio experience be without the addition of dolby's panoramic sound? Dolby advanced audio technology allows you to watch video can feel more rich multi-dimensional sound effects.


After many twists and turns, lenovo mobile phone finally delivered a relatively excellent result with the Z6 Pro. Whether it is the performance of top snapdragon 855 or the excellent HYPER VIDEO super VIDEO AI four-camera system, it is an excellent experience brought to us by this mobile phone.

Of course, the launch of a good product is not the end of lenovo. Over the past year, lenovo has slowly found its own rhythm, and find the right way to develop. 


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