Less than $149: Yunmi X1- a perfect combination of water dispenser and water purifier

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The problem of clean water has been concerned by people. Drinking water with harmful substances for a long time will lead to adverse reactions in the body. For fashionable young families, it is very important to have an efficient water purifier at home, and a X1 water purifier is their best choice.

Yunmi X1 water purifier

The water can be heated in a second

Yunmi X1 water purifier is a perfect combination of water dispenser and water purifier. Its reverse osmosis pure filtration 4+1 level system, through the efficient deep filtration, the water can be drank directly.  

Of course, whether it is winter or not, everyone needs hot water more. The adults make tea and coffee. The children make milk, ovaltine, etc. The one-second instant heating system is specially provided in the X1 water purifier, and the hot water can be produced in one second. It is nice that there is no need to wait.

Large capacity friendly for you

The X1 water purifier adopts the desk-free installation design. It provides 4.2l tap water tank + 1.8l independent concentrated water tank without external water pipe. It can be placed and used in any space in the home and even the office.

For young parents, a Yunmi X1 water purifier placed in the bedroom is very ideal, because it is a milk god. It can provide heated water at any time to avoid the baby hungry crying so that the baby will not lose that important sense of security.

APP control to enhance the life quality 

Another highlight of Yunmi X1 water purifier is that it can be bound to the APP. You can clearly understand the information of water quality and the life information of filter element on the APP. You can grasp the basic situation of the water purifier anytime and anywhere, and make more timely and effective maintenance for it.

In addition, there is a control panel on the water outlet. The temperature of the water you want can be precisely regulated. The water purifier also sets a child lock protection button to prevent children from accidentally touching and other accidents. This is the smart and safe X1!

For those of you who haven't yet installed a water purifier, you may just be fretting about the need to install one. You don’t need to install the Yunmi X1 water purifier. It works in any space, and you can enjoy hot, clean water in a second. In addition. it has more fashionable intelligent functions.

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