MacBook Pro 2019: Expected specs, price & release date

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We will consider the release date of the new MacBook Pro 2019 and the specs. Apple is said to have an ARM architecture-based CPU on every MAC series in the future. It's just that it's been seen since 2020 and it is up to the Intel chip to adopt it. MacBook Pro tends to be a big update in roughly four-year cycles, In the near future, the Retina display with the 2012, the abolition of the disk drive, etc. In 2016, there was a big change with the Touch Bar and the USB-C transition. So, in 2020, we will move our chips to ARM-based chips and accelerate the power saving Large trackpads with Face ID and Apple Pencil support. It is considered to be smaller or lighter than bezel-less or housing.

MacBook Pro 2019

And if you're optimistic about the next MacBook pro that will be put on the market in 2019 chip has "ice lake" need cove CPU architecture is adopted in the said rules, 10 nm process chip made to improve processing speed, power saving, and internal organs and improve the performance of the graphics. In addition, it is supposed to correspond to Wi-Fi 6(IEEE802.11ax). The purpose is to achieve high speed, low delay of communication speed, wide range of access and strengthen security. In 2019, the internal upgrade mode of MacBook pro is as follows. It is estimated that there is no more update inside the box and no new function.

Because it is not the one to buy it easily because it is a high-priced laptop flagship machine in the Mac series, It might be a wise choice to buy a replacement in the 2020 model change than the replacement by a minor change this year.

Expected specs of MacBook Pro 2019

▪ Intel Core i9

▪ Improved processing speed

▪ Power saving

▪ Improved graphics performance of internal organs

▪ Wi-Fi 6


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