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Major smartphone technology focus on MWC 2019 preview

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-21 1995

On February 25, the annual Mobile World Conference (MWC 2019) will be held in Barcelona, Spain. What kind of innovative technology will appear on the upcoming MWC, and what products will smartphone manufacturers bring out to arouse consumers' enthusiasm? Today, let's take you to look ahead.

Folding screen

For ordinary consumers, the folding screen display technology is the most easily perceived evolution trend of mobile phones. Manufacturers including Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi have announced their involvement in folding screen, and are expected to show their folding screen models to the public for the first time during the exhibition.

Samsung won't release the S10 on MWC 2019, but it is still much likely for the company to release the folding screen smartphone - Samsung Galaxy F. All along, rumors about Samsung's first foldable screen mobile phone have been buzzing. According to the information published at present, Samsung’s folding screen mobile phone adopts the flip-out design, the fully unfolded screen is 7.3 inches (resolution 1536 *2152 pixels), and the folded screen is 4.58 inches (resolution 840 *1960 pixels), which has a high degree of completion.

Samsung Galaxy F 

Similar to Samsung, Xiaomi also chose to release new products before the MWC 2019. Therefore, on MWC 2019, despite the newly released Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi’s folding screen smartphone also becomes the focus of customers’ attention. According to the Xiaomi folding screen mobile phone engineering model exposed by Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s folding screen smartphone will adopt symmetrical double folding design. When it is unfolded, it is about the size of a tablet. After being folded, it is the normal size of a smartphone, but it looks like 4:3 ratio, which is slightly wider than an ordinary mobile phone.

By contrast, Huawei hasn’t disclosed any information about folding screen smartphones, but it is the most likely model to participate in the exhibition. Huawei's invitation letter of the MWC 2019 has clearly revealed the existence of folding screen models. According to the information from the current industry chain, the Huawei folding screen smartphone will measure 4.58 inches when folded, and 7.3 inches when unfolded. On other aspects, the 5G baseband and Leica triple-cameras will be the standard specs of it.

Huawei's invitation letter of the MWC 2019 

Greatly improved photography technology

The 10-fold nondestructive zoom has been a highlight of the Xiaomi 9, and this technology will be also applied to the Huawei P30 which might be released in March. Besides, both the Xiaomi 9 and Huawei P30 will adopt Sony IMX607 sensor.

Comparatively speaking, the periscopic 10X hybrid zoom technology of OPPO deserves more attention. OPPO adopted the innovative triple-camera solution of "ultra wide angle + ultra clear main lens + long focus". The ultra wide angle camera has 15.9 mm equivalent focal length, which brings the unique view of wide angle viewing; the ultra clear main camera can ensure the top level of picture quality; and the long focus camera with 159mm equivalent focal length, coupled with the original "periscopic structure" to support high zoom to achieve better photography. The three cameras cooperate with each other to maximize their advantages. They can obtain better imaging quality in different zoom intervals and achieve 10-fold zoom, which meets the user's needs of multi-scene composition creation from ultra-wide angle to telephoto.

OPPO innovation event 2019 

Except for OPPO, Samsung and Huawei, Nokia also officially announced that it will release the Nokia 9 PureView on the MWC 2019. As a smartphone focusing on the photography, one of the biggest features of the Nokia 9 PureView is that it adopts five independent Carl Zeiss certified cameras coupled with a big LED flash light.

Nokia 9 PureView  

Fingerprint identification

From frontal pressing fingerprint identification, sidebar fingerprint identification, from face recognition to in-display fingerprint identification, the unlock scheme of mobile phones has developed tremendously in the past two years. In the field of fingerprint identification, OPPO's leading edge is obvious. OPPO has confirmed that they will exhibit their "innovative biometric unlock experience" of optical fingerprint technology.

The advantages of OPPO's optical screen fingerprint technology are: improving the fingerprint identification area, identification accuracy, double finger recognition to improve security, direct unlocking under the black screen is more energy-saving. It increases the fingerprint identification area to 15 times that of the existing screen fingerprint identification area, which provides better support for double finger security authentication. At the same time, OPPO optical field screen fingerprint innovation adds dual finger simultaneously input and authentication function, thus achieving fingerprint unlock security index level improvement.

OPPO has previously disclosed that optical screen fingerprint technology will be officially commercialized in 2019, and it is time to show commercial models on MWC 2019.


The most important part of Huawei's exhibition is its mature 5G chip besides folding screen mobile phone. Not long ago, Huawei officially released 5G multi-mode terminal chip - Balong 5000 (Balong 5000) and the first 5G commercial terminal based on the chip - Huawei 5G CPE Pro. And 5G chip will undoubtedly become an important direction of Huawei's future development.

Huawei 5G chip  


Due to the introduction of 5G chips and the approaching of 5G commerce, there will emerge many 5G smartphones at MWC 2019. In addition to Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers, LG, OnePlus, Blackberry and other manufacturers are expected to launch their 5G smartphone terminals during the exhibition.

As a representative of Japanese manufacturers, Sony chose to lengthen the phone. Sony Xperia XZ4, which has the name of "fishing screen", will be officially released at MWC 2019. Its biggest feature is a 6.5 inch 21:9 scale display. The 21:9 scale screen is longer than the 18:9 scale screen and will perform better in multi-task display.

Sony Xperia XZ4 


For smartphone manufacturers, whether the popularity of 5G will change the pattern of traditional smartphones and whether the development of new technologies will rekindle consumers' enthusiasm for mobile phone products. Perhaps we will find some answers from the upcoming MWC 2019. And there is less than a week before the opening of MWC 2019, let’s stay tuned. 


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