MEIZU 17 Pro 5G Comprehensive Review

ByJoe Horner 2020-05-08 2645

On May 8, Meizu's first 2020 flagship Meizu 17 series was officially launched. The appearance of Meizu 17 Pro is basically the same as that of Meizu 17, and the configuration is also at the flagship level. With the blessing of many new technologies, such as "90Hz Polar Edge Comprehensive screen", "64 million full scene AR Image system", "mSmart 5G" and so on, Meizu has become the dream flagship of Meizu 17 series in the Meizu 5G era. Today, let's take a look at Meizu 17 Pro and see what Meizu submitted for us after months of waiting.

The best balance between "good-looking" and "good-feeling" 

With the popularity of full screens, "to buy a mobile phone is to buy a screen" seems to become the consensus of consumers. But how to find a balance between the look and feel of the screen, different manufacturers obviously have different thinking.

"Custom screen" is the answer that Meizu prepares for users. Meizu 17 Pro uses the third generation polar edge full screen. Thanks to COF technology, Meizu 17 Pro chin width is controlled at 3.3 mm, which seems to have almost achieved our dream of "equal width on four sides". The 6.6-inch Samsung AMOLED screen, with a 19.5:9 ratio, also allows Meizu 17 Pro to find a good balance between content display and grip.


In many full-screen solutions, the "hole digging screen" seems to be the consensus of manufacturers. The Meizu 17 Pro also uses a digging screen design, but in order to minimize the visual impact of digging, the Meizu 17 Pro has an aperture of only 2.99mm. With a narrower chin, Meizu 17 Pro has a screen share of 92.2%, greatly improving the look and feel of the screen.


We have measured the App of Tencent Video, Bilibili, and so on. In scenarios such as playing 16:9 video and mobile games, the small hole on the right will hardly affect the content display, but when playing full-screen content, some App that is not adapted to the hole-digging screen will appear black edges. It is hoped that these App can provide adaptation for the hole-digging screen as soon as possible in the future.


What is impressive is that Meizu 17 Pro also hides several colored eggs in the hole. First of all, the small hole in Meizu 17 Pro can display the phone's power. Just select "Ring Power" in "Settings-Notification and status Bar" to turn the bar battery into an elegant ring. This design can also free up more space and avoid overcrowding in the status bar. In the selfie, video chat, and other scenes that need to call the front lens, a ring of lights outside the front lens will flash to remind the user that the lens is called, this small function can ensure the privacy and security of the user.


Smartphones at the same price are more or less the same, and only by pursuing improvements at the level of detail can they be recognized by more users. The "high refresh rate screen" should be standard for the flagship machine in 2020. This Meizu 17 Pro has a built-in screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz. The silky and smooth animation brings a distinctive sense of fluency at the moment of passing across the screen, which is admiring. In addition, Meizu 17 Pro also improved blue light radiation, effectively reducing harmful blue light by 37.5%.


As a device that needs to be held and played with frequently, the touch of the smartphone has also begun to attract more and more consumers' attention. Meizu mobile phone has never let us down in terms of feel, and this excellent feel has also been continued on Meizu 17 Pro.


The first feeling of Meizu 17 Pro is that the warm and moist ceramic backplate can perfectly fit the palm of the hand, making it more secure to hold. Although there is a material change between the ceramic backplane and the frame, there is no sense of "fragmentation" at all. The Radian extends perfectly from the backplane to the frame, which is still the familiar Meizu style. Although the weight of Meizu 17 Pro reaches 219g after using ceramic backplane, the center of gravity of Meizu 17 Pro is very reasonable through ingenious counterweight design, which can improve the sense of control with one hand without overburdening fingers.


At a time when flagship mobile phones are using glass backboards, Meizu interprets its unique personality through the use of ceramic materials. This integrated ceramic process gives Meizu 17 Pro a touch that cannot be obtained by the glass backplate. This kind of warm and moist texture is worthy of the name "Pro".


AR blessing, full scene shooting

As good as the look and feel of the fuselage, there is the brand-new "64 million-pixel full-scene AR professional imaging system". Taking pictures and sharing life has become the most popular thing for young people nowadays, and the photo-taking ability of a mobile phone is beginning to get more attention from users. Although the number of smartphone cameras is not fixed, most of the functions are the same, which is to create a "full scene" shot through different lenses.


The main camera is currently the most frequently used lens. The main camera of Meizu 17 Pro uses Sony IMX686 sensor. The 64 million-pixel sensor, with a 1.8 aperture of the frame, broke the ceiling of Meizu's 16s Pro camera in hardware, raising the upper limit for taking photos on Meizu's mobile phone.


According to the sample photo taken, the shooting performance of Meizu 17 Pro is in line with expectations. Although the weather is not satisfactory, Meizu 17 Pro can still accurately restore the actual scene. And in daily shooting, Meizu 17 Pro will automatically turn on four-in-one pixels to output a high-quality 16 million-pixel photo.


It is worth mentioning that through the collaboration of IMX686 and 8 million pixel telephoto lens, Meizu 17 Pro also supports mixed zoom up to 8x. This is equivalent to covering the full focus from 26mm to 210mm, allowing us to see the world from a new perspective. When the composition of the picture is changed, we can also find a new sense of visual beauty. Moreover, Meizu also presets 2X, 3X, and other common focal segments in the camera viewfinder, which can also greatly improve the shooting efficiency.

With the cooperation of the main camera and the telephoto lens, there is still no obvious loss even if the picture is magnified to 8 times. And Meizu 17 Pro zoom wheel has also been redesigned, one-hand holding the phone can still achieve sliding zoom, the sliding process of mEngine "Kada Kada" shock, but also fully reflects Meizu's pursuit of detail.

The "ultra-wide-angle lens" is also the advantage of Meizu 17 Pro. A lens with 32 million pixels and a visual angle of 129 degrees can take photos with both high quality and a wide field of vision. Moreover, this lens also supports four-in-one pixels, even if the light is complex, or at night when there is not enough light, you can get a good imaging effect.


From ultra-wide-angle to wide-angle and then to telephoto, Meizu 17 Pro's imaging system basically covers the daily focus, but the highlights of Meizu 17 Pro are much more than these. At a time when 5G and AR have become hot spots in the industry, Meizu 17 Pro's imaging system adds 3D depth detectors for the first time. It can better measure the depth information in space and make the virtual effect of photos more natural.


Moreover, Meizu 17 Pro also designed new games such as a 3D camera and an AR ruler according to the characteristics of the 3D deep probe. 3D cameras can make static portraits appear dynamic, while AR rulers are used to quickly measure the length of objects.


Snapdragon 865+mSmart 5G creates a new performance flagship

90Hz screen, full-focus image, all need state-of-the-art hardware to provide performance support. Meizu 17 Pro uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform, and its CPU performance and energy efficiency are 25% higher than those of the previous generation. It can be said that Meizu 17 Pro, with Snapdragon 865 mobile platform is enough to meet most of our daily needs.


According to the usual practice, let's run a sub-test to test the performance of Meizu 17 Pro. Thanks to Snapdragon's 865 mobile platform, UFS 3.1 storage, and LPDDR5 memory, Meizu 17 Pro scored 591544 on AnTuTu. Among them, the score of CPU is 181726 and that of GPU is 220408, which is worthy of recognition.


At present, the use scene that can best reflect the performance of smartphones should be mobile games. This year, Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with a screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, and Meizu has added a burst rendering engine to OneMind 4.0 to meet the performance requirements of high frame rate and high picture quality. It breaks the original rendering rules and greatly reduces the fluctuation of the game frame rate through the reasonable allocation of performance. In addition, Meizu 17 Pro also raised the touch sampling rate to 180Hz, the first time corresponding to the player's operation.


In addition, the dual speakers of Meizu 17 Pro have also been upgraded. The addition of the third generation double superlinear loudspeaker provides a better listening effect for Meizu 17 Pro. Officials say the performance of the third-generation double superlinear loudspeakers has improved by 30%, providing users with a more immersive sense of listening when playing games or watching videos.


Meizu 17 Pro is also Meizu's first dual-mode 5G phone. Qualcomm X55 baseband with Meizu mSmart Link technology can bring extreme 5G connection performance. At the press conference, officials said that mSmart 5G is a fast and stable system and solution for solving 5G pain points. When simulating the scenarios normally used by users, the power consumption is fully reduced by 64%, which can greatly increase the usage time of users.


In a nutshell, mSmart 5G will automatically switch the appropriate network according to the user's environment and usage scenarios. Through the detection signal and the base station prediction, the 4G signal is selected when the user is in standby or the network demand is weak, and when the user needs the 5G network, the mobile phone will switch to the 5G network as soon as possible. Meizu has also built subway, high-speed, and high-speed models according to different scenarios, greatly alleviating users' concerns about using 5G under harsh network conditions.


With the advent of the 5G era, the battery life of smartphones has also posed a new test. Meizu 17 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, which is by far the largest battery in Meizu mobile phone. With 30W Super mCharge, Meizu 17 Pro can be restored to its best state in a short time. And at a time when wireless charging is beginning to become popular, Meizu 17 Pro also supports 27W wireless overcharging. Officials say it takes only 30 minutes to charge 47% of the battery, and for office workers, putting their phones on wireless charging boards at work can also reduce battery life anxiety.



On the whole, Meizu 17 series is the current all-around flagship of Meizu. The good feel, excellent screen, panoramic image system, and continuous polishing of details have created the brand-new Meizu 17 series. It is the 17th-anniversary gift of Meizu. In an era when users pay more attention to experience, Meizu is obviously better able to grasp the pulse of users, and Meizu 17 Pro, may be your latest choice.

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