MEIZU POP vs Xiaomi Mi AirDots: true wireless headphones comparison

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-17 1182

In this review we compare the latest wireless headphones: Xiaomi Mi AirDots and MEIZU POP. Let's start by answering a simple question: what are real wireless headphones? Why are they so called? This term was invented only recently and refers to the type of headphones, which have absolutely no wires: they do not need a wire to connect to the phone, or to connect one earpiece with another. Let's start our review with a comparison of device characteristics.




Xiaomi Mi AirDots



Answer the call, Bluetooth, microphone,

Noise reduction, voice control, voice prompts

Answer the call, Bluetooth, microphone,

Noise reduction, voice control, voice prompts, waterproof, song switching




Lithium-ion, 40 Mah

Lithium-ion, 85 Mah


iPhone, mobile phone


106 ± 3 Db

101 Db

Bluetooth version



Water resistant




2.30 x 1.45 x 1.30 см

5.50 x 5.50 x 3.50 см


0.0042 kg

0.0480 kg


1 Pair of headphones,

1 docking station for charging,

1 Charging


2 pairs of silicone ear cushions

1 Pair of headphones,

1 docking station for charging (700 Mah),

1 Type-C cable,

1 User manual in English,

2 pairs of silicone ear cushions,

2 pairs of original ear covers

First Impressions

At first glance, two sets of headphones are very similar. Both are delivered in compact portable cases, which also serve as charging docks. The only difference is that the storage/charging case Mi AirDots has a more minimalist design with a small logo of Mi at the top.


The front part of the MEIZU POP headphone case has a more visible logo, and the briefcase itself is a bit larger in size.


Headphones have a slightly different shape — and, again, each MEIZU POP liner has a much more pronounced logo.


Both pairs of headphones have side control buttons and led indicators. We noticed that the MEIZU POP buttons are a bit more difficult to press than on Mi AirDots. Another difference is that the MEIZU POP headphones are denser in the ears, making them ideal for workouts. Mi Airdots, on the other hand, is lighter and tends to be less noticeable in the ear.

Sound quality

Both sets of headphones are inserted deep enough into the ear canal, this is done specifically because wireless headphones usually provide a lower volume compared to the wired counterparts. In this case, Mi AirDots does not completely close the ear, so you will hear more external noise compared to the superdense headphones MEIZU POP.


In addition, both pairs of headphones offer a very decent sound quality: there is no interference, delay or distortion. The MEIZU POP headphones use the Hi-Fi dynamic graphene aperture with a diameter of 6.0 mm, which provides a balanced three-frequency transmission, at the output you get clear and clear sound and good detail. The Xiaomi Mi AirDots uses a 7.2 mm speaker for a soft, balanced sound with strong bass.


Both sets of headphones are ideal for everyday use, listening to music, talking on speakerphone, etc. However, none of them are suitable for audiophiles, because at the moment wireless headphones can not compete with Professional wired headphones such as Sennheiser or even Beyerdynamic.

Other features

The main difference between headphones Xiaomi Mi AirDots and MEIZU POP is that the latter are waterproof (IPX5), which makes them more suitable for use during training and, as a rule, more durable in everyday Use. Xiaomi Mi AirDots uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect, and MEIZU POP-Bluetooth 4.2. Both sets can operate at a maximum distance from the smartphone at 10 meters.


And headphones Xiaomi Mi AirDots, and MEIZU POP headphones come with covers, in which the devices can not only be stored, but also recharged. To charge, simply place the headphones in the case and they will be charged through the magnetic connectors. The Xiaomi Mi AirDots covers up to 12 hours of battery life and the MEIZU POP headphone case is a little longer than 15 hours. Another notable difference in the charging plan is that the MEIZU POP headphone cover supports wireless charging-you can use any standard wireless charger (but it is not included in the package).


MEIZU POP Headphones are currently available at a price of 5900 rubles, while Mi AirDots are more cheap and cost about 4700 rubles.


The difference in price can be explained by the fact MEIZU POP come with water protection, support wireless charging and offer better noise reduction thanks to the design features.


In our opinion, for those who are looking for headphones for use while exercising, MEIZU POP will be the best choice. A more detailed overview of MEIZU POP wireless headphones is available here.

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