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Meizu Zero: a future smartphone with zero buttons and ports

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-01 1933

On January 23, Meizu Technologies (MEIZU) officially released Meizu Zero real holeless mobile phone. As the first product released by Meizu in 2019, Meizu Zero focuses on Meizu's exploration and understanding of future mobile phones. Combined with Meizu design, technology trends and user insights, the new frontier of the era of domestic smartphones has been broadened. As the world's first truly non-porous all-wireless smartphone, Meizhu Zero knocks on the new door of the future flagship smart mobile terminal with its sophisticated and powerful technology.

Meizu Zero 

Meizu Zero is a real poreless mobile phone with ONE PIECE Unibody ceramic fuselage. It supports the IP68 waterproofing with holeless design. Its super-large capacity battery carries Meizu's self-developed 18W wireless super fast charging, completely lifting the shackles of mobile phone life. High-speed wireless transmission is the liberation of traditional mobile data transmission bundle. The unique mSound 2.0 screen voice and virtual side press key create perfect and excellent user experience. It sets "design trends, user insight, technology trends" in one, carrying Meizu's romantic reverie for future mobile phones.

Integrative design: Towards the ultimate, touching the future instantly

Meizu Design's genes are moving towards the future in mobile design. ONE PIECE Unibody ceramic fuselage makes Meizu Zero look like a natural jade. It has no trace of artificially carved. This is Meizu Zero's thorough expression of future design trends. Whether it is contemporary architecture, trendy sports shoes or medical equipment, it is evolving towards mobility, seamlessness and ergonomics. Meizu Zero has completely compensated for the shortcomings of the mobile phone industry design trend and truly brought the "future design" of mobile phones to users.

Meizu Zero design 

Meizu Zero has bright porcelain black and Ruyao white fuselage color matching. The 5.99-inch AMOLED full-scale super-clear screen outlines Zero's extreme body line on the front, displays wonderful scrolls in one hand, and realizes screen fingerprints on OLED flexible screen for the first time. It is equipped with 20 million pixels of face recognition lens; 2.5D glass panel and ceramic fuselage meet unexpectedly. It creates excellent visual enjoyment and handshake, and a full-scale screen with uneven bangs, bringing the purest movie and game experience to users.

screen fingerprints on OLED flexible screen  

The first true hole: know the user, there can be no opening

Excellent mSound 2.0 screen voice technology originates from Meizu engineers'unremitting efforts to solve the contradiction between Meizu Zero voice and opening. More reasonable internal layout, better audio materials, so that the Meizu Zero's voice unit shines new, better sound quality, and higher loudness.

Perfect integrated design can not compromise to design under the pretext of function. So virtual keys replace physical keys. Meizu Zero uses advanced pressure detection technology and capacitance positioning technology to realize power supply and volume buttons on both sides of the fuselage. The unique Meizu mEngine 2.0 linear motor is renewed on Meizu Zero, bringing a physical touch to the side virtual buttons.

IP68 class waterproof and dustproof provides Meizu Zero with deep-sea diving suit-like waterproof characteristics. It can effectively withstand 30 minutes of underwater immersion. So there is no fear in everyday life. With the introduction of eSIM technology, "air card issuance" enables mobile phones to get rid of the restrictions of physical card slots and not be bound by card pins. Operators can switch their networks freely and support more formats and frequency bands. Flyme 7 adaptive UI is added to help you answer the phone easily. Meizu Zero makes the experience better.

IP68 class waterproof  

Unfettered connection: wireless is better than cable at this time

Being bound by data lines is not the future of Mobile Smart terminals. Meizu Zero uses the 18W wireless super fast charging technology independently developed by Meizu Technology, which brings the surging energy of river dam water; the precise and intelligent internal chip, which brings more suitable temperature control by high-efficiency pressure reduction; and the exclusive charging base, which has no wire trouble. It can inadvertently fills the full power for Meizu Zero.

the exclusive charging base 

Full-speed USB 3.0 wireless connection achieves amazing transmission efficiency of Meizu Zero. Efficient architecture design will increase the transmission speed to the extreme, and a copy of a high-definition movie can be completed in a short time. Bluetooth 5.0 technology can be seamlessly switched on multi-component devices, fast as lightning.

Meizu Zero real holeless mobile phone to be launched; please look forward

Meizu Zero's sale time in China is related to the air card business progress of domestic operators, but as a truly usable all-wireless future mobile phone, Meizu may use other ways to enable consumers to access this mobile phone, please look forward to it.


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