MEMOBIRD G2 Wireless Printer | Portable Printing Perfected

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The stunning Memobird G2 is, to the best of my knowledge, the newest and smallest WiFi thermal printer that supports remote wireless printing of text and pictures.
MEMOBIRD G2 Wireless Printer | Portable Printing Perfected

This is handled quickly and effortlessly through the friendly Memobird app. The innovative printer is targeted at the mainstream computer user, ensuring that it's both easy to use and affordable price (just $57.36 on Gearbest). What's more, the printer provides support for adding friends and sharing moments for even richer interaction possibilities. Thermal printers were previously only used for commercial applications, however, the Memobird G2 has transformed our expectations and is designed for everyone to use. The question is: do we really need a portable WiFi printer? Let's find out!

Pros   Cons

Incredibly compact and lightweight for easy carry and storage.

Change the way you make memos, personal notes, or menus, conveniently attaching them to visible locations.

User-friendly design with easygoing appearance.

Great for retro, or black and white copies of your favorite pictures.

Equipped with Memobird app for fast and easy prints of your mobile phone photos.

Ideal for both home and commercial/retail users.


× Resolution is comparatively low, grayscale provides limited options. However, it's enough to meet the majority of your daily needs in most situations.

× Designed for short-medium term printed output; thermal printing paper gradually fades after approx. 4 months.

× Doesn't come with an English user manual, so I write this article to help you wonderful people!

× Software is not perfect. The Memobird app is not very international, it doesn't support sharing on Facebook.

× Unable to use external battery power. It would be better if we could use this cool WiFi printer without needing to plug it in to massively extend its versatility and the number of usage cases.


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Memobird G2 Overview

As soon as I received my review sample from our supplier, I literally could not wait to unbox this! So what was in the box? One stunning looking printer, a single US plug power adapter (integrated design with micro USB cable) and a simple user manual. That's it! Incredibly minimalist and simple – just like the printer itself.

Memobird G2 Overview

The design of the Memobird WiFi printer is distinctive and full of charm, the rounded egg shape gives this portable printer a fun and friendly appearance that also serves to underscore that it's suitable for everyone. The smooth curves are immediately beautiful and welcoming. Simply put, the overall design language is a massive improvement compared to the previous generation's G1.

Memobird G2 outlook image

Looking behind the WiFi printer, we find the power port (Micro USB). Compared to the previous generation, the port location is more recessed which conveniently allows for a more secure connection – another smart design decision.

Memobird G2 Micro USB

The MEMOBIRD logo is also very cute: a dove holding an envelope in its mouth to represent delivering messages, which accurately reflects the main function of this printer.


Below the front facing logo, you can find a physical button with its own indicator light; this reflects the current status with different flashes. Above the logo is the paper out slot, with small, conveniently-placed metal teeth for tearing off any paper you printed.

MEMOBIRD printer indicator light

The Memobird G2 printer utilizes the snap fixture method, the upper cover can be safely opened by your thumb – although your first few attempts might need a little effort until you become more familiar. A roll of thermal paper is pre-loaded inside the printer for free, a nice touch. For reference, the Memobird G2 supports standard 57 x 50mm thermal paper which you can also easily find it on Gearbest at incredibly low prices.

Memobird G2 allows sharing with your friends so he/she can also access the printer.

sharing Memobird with your friends

Before telling you how to use the MEMOBIRD G2, let's take a look at what's possible with it.

Tips for children to learn new animals

(Tips for children to learn new animals)

Retro style pictures

(Retro style pictures)

So how do I connect to this versatile printer?

The QR code is visible on the bottom right corner of the included Chinese user manual.

You can use your phone to scan the QR code, and download and install the proprietary Memobird app on to your phone. (Or you can search for "Memobird" on your Android Market or App Store). Even without any on/off buttons, the printer is very easy to operate – you just need to connect the power. Power consumption is very low: the printer only draws power when printing. You can print images, text memos, and other compact notes.

The first time you use the printer requires some quick configuration using the Cloud Mode.

Step 1: Connecting the printer to a power source, the notification light will turn green.

Step 2: Activate the WiFi on your mobile phone.

Step 3: Scan the QR code (on the bottom right corner of this manual) to download the app, then create a new account.

Step 4: Check the switch located on the underside of the printer; it should display a cloud image.

Step 5: Launch the app and follow the prompts, double click the keypad and scan the QR code to pair the phone with the printer (See how to use Memobird app below).

Step 6: Follow the app prompts and configure the WiFi (refer to the following section).


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How to Use Memobird App

Step 1: Register a new account, remembering to select the correct region first.

How to Use Memobird App

Step 2: After selecting your local region, complete your nickname, mobile phone number and then tap "Get Code". You will receive a code via SMS on your phone.

How to Use Memobird App - select local region

Step 3: After you complete the registration process, you can choose the device language by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner. The default setting is your device language which will match the phone system's language.

How to Use Memobird App - select language

Step 4: Bind the new device. Click "My GuGu" and select "Bind new device".

How to Use Memobird App - bind new devices

Step 5: Press the printer button twice and it will automatically print a QR code after a few seconds. Use your phone to scan the QR code to bind the devices together. Once successfully complete, you can continue with the setup process. You can rename the device as you wish. But you still have another important issue: tap "Set WiFi" to proceed to the next step.

How to Use Memobird App - set WiFi

Step 6: Start the WiFi configuration process by long pressing the button for 6 seconds. Once you've located the wireless printer, click "Next" and Connect WLAN. Type in your WiFi name and password, then click Next.

How to Use Memobird App - connect WLAN

Step 7: Click the "Memobird G2" connection until it shows "Connect Successfully". Congratulations! You have finished all the set up steps.

How to Use Memobird App - Connected WiFi

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