Mi band 4: the new fitness tracker from Xiaomi arrives

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-19 726

The famous fitness Tracker from Xiaomi will have a successor, and it'll come ashore this year. A manager of Huami, the company responsible for its manufacture, confirmed it, without specifying an exact date. So what can we expect from the Xiaomi MI band 4?


The Xiaomi activity wristband, the MI band 3, is perhaps unmatched on the market. Yes, there are others with better features, but none offer as much for less than 30 euros. And it is thanks to this excellent value for money that the Xiaomi fitness Tracker has been one of the most popular on the market.


During the presentation of the quarterly results of Huami, his CFO, David Cui, was questioned about the launch of his new fitness Tracker: "as for the MI band 4, it will be released this year. It will be 2019, but I am not sure it will be in March or April, although I am sure it will be this year. We are going to work with Xiaomi to choose the perfect time to launch it. "in addition, he claimed that MI band 3 's sales continue to be excellent.


Taking into account his remarks, added to the fact that the second and third generation models arrived respectively in may 2016 and may 2018, one should see the MI band 4 before the summer.

Xiaomi Mi 4: what technical features?

The latest rumors indicate that this new activity bracelet will incorporate a GPS and a barometric altimeter, making its localization much more accurate. This was one of the weaknesses of previous generations, because his pedometer was not very accurate.


On the other hand, its design would also be renewed, since it would incorporate a color touch screen covered with tempered glass instead of plastic as in the MI band 3, will Xiaomi keep an aggressive price or should it increase it a little after these new Characteristics?

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