Microsoft Project xCloud will be free for Xbox One owners

ByLinky Johnson 2019-06-11 413

The rest of you will have to pay. During its conference at E3 2019, Microsoft announced that starting in October you will be able to turn your Xbox One console into a server to stream your smartphone games.

In today's Inside Xbox episode dedicated to E3 2019, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, explained how this will work best by splitting Microsoft's Project xCloud into two parts.

Project xCloud is a direct competitor to Google Stadia and will be available from October. If you have an Xbox One, you'll be able to enjoy the service at no extra cost because you can turn your console into a server.

If, on the other hand, you don't have an Xbox One and you want to use Project xCloud, Microsoft will have consoles in their data centres to stream to your smartphone, but in this case there will be an associated cost.

So far, Microsoft hasn't mentioned what the price of Project xCloud will be.

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