Mifo O2 launched: specs, features, better than AirPods!

ByAmara Taylor 2019-06-12 1228

2018 Mifo Sports headset launched a three-year-old wireless sports headset O5, light fashion design sense, exquisite production technology and advanced configuration, to bring users the ultimate comfortable experience! O5 listed since the continuous creation of its record, once became the industry of a black horse! 2019 Mifo again launched subversion of the industry design of anti-buckle semi-ear wireless sports headphones O2 Crazy Attack!

The first reverse button type half in-ear design!Wear more comfortable and stable

Although a large number of cochlear data collection makes O5 much more comfortable to wear than the industry, for users who do not like to wear in-ear, O5 is still not the best choice for them.Unfortunately, apple Airpods are not included in the half-in wireless headphones.The reason is very simple. Although the wearing comfort of semi-in-ear headphones is easy to solve, it is difficult to give consideration to the stability, especially for sports users.At the same time, the semi-in-ear design reduces the structure space of the in-ear earphone, making it more difficult to design the appearance and space of the earphone, so the apple Airpods also leave a big tail!Mifo O2 adopts reverse button structure design, which integrates in-ear and semi-in-ear structures. This small innovation achieves three values!

1. Semi-in-ear design for comfort;Compared to in-ear headphones, Mifo O2 half-in design, no squeezing and swelling when wearing, will be the stethoscope effect to the minimum!At the same time, the semi-integrated design can monitor the ambient sound very well, and you can chat with people around you by pausing, without taking off the earphone.

2. In order to solve the wearing stability of the semi-in-ear earphone, Mifo O2 combines ergonomics to design the reverse button into the semi-in-ear, so that the mouth of the ear is firmly reversed in the cochlea;At the same time, each curve is exactly matched with the cochlea curve, so that the wearing is not only comfortable but also more stable, truly do not throw off.

3. Smaller ears and mouths can transmit sound to the auditory system better;The reverse button type half-in-ear design integrates the two major characteristics of the in-ear type and the half-in-ear type, which solves the discomfort of the in-ear type wearing and the instability of the half-in-ear type. Meanwhile, the reverse button type mouth is almost the same size as the in-ear type, and can transmit sound almost lossless to the auditory system.

Never mind this little innovation, in order to achieve anti-buckle semi-entry design, combined with human engineering and a large number of cochlea structure data statistical analysis, Each curve arc is accurate to 0.5 division, thousands of times the real person wearing experience, hundreds of grinding adjustment, so that each curve of the fuselage in line with the cochlea structure, really do into the ear as nothing, sports crazy can not be thrown off!

Two-color structure, finely crafted

Because the O2 is used, but because of the different size of the cochlea, for the cochlea structure is exquisite (small) people, vulnerable to the anti-anti-buckle part of the top. In order to prevent the cochlea from being the top of the ear mouth pain, the Mifo O2 ear publicmonument alone using the characteristics of TDP soft glue material. Don't look at a small change in the design, for this small headset, the appearance of the structure using two materials, the headset waterproof is a big challenge, and then O2 still do the IPX5 class waterproof. Finally, good at the design of the Bossn, ear mouth part of the TPD material using color (green dialogue, red to black) design, for the appearance of the headset added a lot of points.

Touch-operated, easier to manipulate

Mifo O2 In addition to the stylish design, the use of touch-type operation, answer hanging, playback pause, volume size, up and down songs, just a touch can be.

One charge a week, Bluetooth 5.0

Mifo O2 configuration can still be called High, a single 4-hour life, with the charging compartment 30 hours of life is still up to the TWS headset level, even for the average daily use of 4 hours of high-frequency users, can be guaranteed to charge once a week enough. Bluetooth 5.0 guarantees 20 meters of transmission, IPX5 class waterproof can fully meet the needs of daily sports sweat! In addition, the O2 uses a touch-type operation to improve the O5 of the button operation.

Overall wave magic mifo O2, although is not as bright eye O5, but as the first button half an ear headphones have a great innovation and breakthrough, believe that will break the "half wireless sport in-ear headphones besides apple Airpods no real machine" curse, industry to bring a disruptive change, bring more comfortable for the user experience!

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