mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro: which is the strongest HIFI TWS earphones

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Recently, the two TWS earphones aim in the sound quality, the mifo O7 and Airpods Pro, have received the attention of users and the media. Now we do a simple analysis of the two earphones from the official technical parameters.

mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro: ANC vs dual-smart intelligent noise reduction

First of all, let's talk about the noise reduction function of the two headphones. Compared with the previous generation AirPods Pro, the biggest upgrade is to join the ANC active noise reduction technology , using two microphones to support active noise reduction, 200 times per second external environment and ear canal noise detection. At the same time, through the operation to achieve continuous anti-noise frequency adjustment. The first microphone adopts an outward-facing design to detect and offset the external noise of the environment to achieve a silent effect. The second microphone adopts an inward-facing design to detect the noise inside the ear and correct the anti-noise wave to make the noise reduction effect better. In addition, AirPods Pro is also free to switch between noise reduction mode and transparent mode.


 mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro


The noise reduction effect of the Mifo is not too much. It also uses the dual-smart intelligent noise reduction technology. The main body of the earphone has a built-in dual microphone. The main microphone picks up the sound waves of the call, collects the noise separately, and echoes the voice of the other party. The microphone acts as an active noise reduction. Filtering the received signal, the actual noise reduction effect of this earphone is the best in the dynamic experience, which can reduce the external wind and dryness of up to 30km/h , and can guarantee the call during almost any time and anywhere. Environmental noise reduction. At the same time, in terms of sound quality, the O7 is also equipped with a composite full-range double-acting iron horn.

mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro: audio core unit VS composite full frequency double iron speaker

AirPods Pro still carrying the H1 chip, support for Bluetooth 5.0 version, connection stability and delay still lead the TWS headset, the official said the sound quality using the new custom drive units --AirPods Pro of H1 with up to 10 audio core, according to each The shape of the human ear canal adaptive equalization frequency, plus APP's customized high-amplitude and low-distortion speaker driver unit, APPLE official even added a lot of sounds, thick and powerful, and delicate sound on the details page. Adjectives, it is not difficult to find that the AirPods Pro’s improvement in sound quality must be huge!


 mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro


Magic Wave mifo O7 is a product developed by for two years. It adopts Qualcomm's flagship chip, which has lower loss and faster speed, and supports APTX decoding protocol, which makes the sound of headphones have better performance. The mifo combined with BELGING to develop a composite full-frequency double-action iron horn, breaking the traditional axis-symmetric double-drive superposition concept, using two different sizes of moving iron to weld composite according to the golden ratio, and to analyze large quantities in the square cavity. After two years of acoustic parameters adjustment, three-band balance, full volume, low frequency, medium frequency, high frequency sweet.

mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro: in-ear VS half-in-ear

AirPods Pro uses an in-ear design, uses a new ventilation system to balance the pressure, can reduce the inconvenience of the in-ear headphones, and compared to the previous 2 generations, because of better fit, can prevent movement Dropped in. At the same time, the weight is greatly reduced. The single earphone only weighs 5.4g . Each earphone comes with three different sizes of earplugs, which can be adjusted according to the needs. Although it is more secure to wear than the previous airpods2 , it still has painful conditions when wearing the ear for a long time.

The mifo O7 combines ergonomic design, and the innovative use of the reverse button half-in-ear design makes the ear tip firmly buckled in the cochlea; at the same time, each curve is accurately matched with the cochlear curve, and it is not easy to fall off. The condition is very stable when worn, and the stethoscope effect will be minimal! At the same time, the earphone only weighs 4.2g. This is because the weight of the earphone is so low in the case of double iron and double wheat. It will undoubtedly balance the design, volume and overall quality, but it is said that the most comfortable TWS earphone is currently worn .

mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro: 4 hours + IPX4 waterproof vs 7 hours + IPX7 waterproof

mifo O7 vs AirPods Pro​ 

On the battery life, mifo O7 and AirPods Pro have good abilities. AirPods Pro can be used for up to 5 hours in a single use , and can reach 30 hours with the charging bin . It also supports ipx4 , which can reduce the corrosion caused by the water in the headphones during exercise. The mifo O7 is still powerful in battery life, with a single use time of up to 7 hours, with a theoretical 35- hour battery life, and IPX7 waterproofing. This is the level of diving. The level of mifo has been at the forefront of the industry.


In general, AirPods Pro will still maintain the good experience of AirPods for Apple users in the experience, and improve the overall level of interaction. AirPods Pro also has two interesting functions: First, audio sharing, two AirPods Pro can be connected to the same iPhone . Second, through AirPods Pro , even let Siri broadcast your voice. The overall brightness of this headset is a lot, the battery life, waterproof, noise reduction, sound quality, link performance have been improved.

The mifo O7 still takes the ultra-high cost-effective route. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of continuous navigation , waterproof level and wearing comfort, the noise reduction function and the sound quality effect have made a qualitative leap, which proves the strength of the product.

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