Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2: turn your traditional air conditioner be a smart one

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Nowadays, the Xiaomi smart home system has been initially established. In addition to mobile phones, there are a large number of Mijia intelligent hardware products. Xiaomi has also become a grocery store for everyone.





In 2017, Xiaomi launched a Mijia air-Conditioner companion. The main function is to remotely control the air conditioner, monitor the power consumption of the air conditioner and cooperate with the sensors in the Xiaomi smart home kit to intelligently control the air conditioner. This product is priced at 169 yuan, in addition to the function of the general smart socket, there is also the function of intelligent gateway, many other meters can be connected through the network.


Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2


The main difference between it and the first generation is the cancellation of the gateway function, which is officially called "lightweight." In fact, if you buy this product just for use with air conditioners, instead of connecting other devices, the gateway function is not really necessary.


In addition, the core functions of Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2 have been basically retained. After connecting to the air conditioner, it can perform electricity statistics. This product also supports WiFi, which can be connected to the Mijia App on the phone for remote control. It also communicates with Xiaomi's voice assistant Xiao Ai, and uses Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaoai smart speaker, Xiaomi TV and other products for voice control.


According to Xiaomi officially, Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2 supports more than 200 air-Conditioner brands, built-in a large number of infrared code libraries, and one-key pairing with air conditioners through infrared rays, thereby realizing the control of air conditioners in an unattended state. In general, the Mijia Air Conditioner Companion is a product that can make traditional air conditioners smart, similar to the Xiaomi box for traditional TV. In recent years, Xiaomi is also marching into the field of household appliances such as air conditioners. From last year to now, Xiaomi has launched a number of meters of smart air conditioners, featuring high-value appearance and rich functions.


If you need an accessory that can monitor and adjust the air conditioner, the Mijia air conditioner companion will be a good choice. If you already have a lot of Mijia equipment or are ready to build a complete Mijia home system, it is recommended to consider starting a generation of products with a gateway, which is more cost-effective than buying an air-conditioned companion + gateway separately. However, if there is already a gateway or no gateway, Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2 will be a better choice.


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