Mijia air conditioning companion 2 on sale: cancel the independent gateway function

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As a "smart grocery store" for young people, Mijia has now formed a relatively complete smart home ecosystem. Large air-conditioning washing machines and small sensor thermometers can all run under the same ecology, and they can control home appliances with their mobile phones. Previously, Mijia also introduced smart air conditioners, while for non-intelligent air conditioner users, you can choose Mijia to open air-conditioning companions. Recently, Mi Jia has put on the new Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 and canceled the independent gateway function for only 79 yuan.




Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2


In terms of design, Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 basically adopts the same simple design language, and the simple modeling installation still costs 0. Based on Wi-Fi wireless transmission technology, Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 can control ordinary household air conditioners through infrared, realize remote control, voice control, temperature adjustment after sleep, power consumption statistics, scene linkage and other functions.


Mijia Air Conditioner Companion 2


Not only that, Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 also supports Xiaoai voice control and Mijia intelligent linkage. It has built-in massive infrared code library, supports 229 kinds of air conditioner brands, and mainstream brand air conditioners can support it. Before buying, you need to make sure that Mijia Air Conditioning Companion 2 only supports wall-mounted air conditioners with 16A plug specifications. Although there is no independent gateway function, but the price of 79 yuan and Mijia intelligent linkage, the price is still as good as ever.


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