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MIJIA MJCTD02YL simple shape LED bedside lamp: all-round lighting and smart control

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-18 3047

On Dec. 10, 2018, in response to the last wave of e-commerce sales, MIJIA MJCTD02YL released this MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp before 12.12 sale. This bedside lamp officially went on sale on Dec. 12. Only priced at $49.99 on GearBest, this MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp can not only drive away the darkness, but also support the MIJIA MJCTD02YL smart home system. It has a strong sense of technology and is worth its family reputation.

MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp  


MIJIA MJCTD02YL Simple Shape LED Bedside Lamp for Home - WHITE

MIJIA MJCTD02YL Simple Shape LED Bedside Lamp for Home - WHITE
$64 $49.99    


The MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp is cylindrical, and the rounded lines perfectly integrate the aesthetic feeling of science and technology into the home environment. As we all know, as a bedside lamp, compact design is one of the popular fetures among users. This MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp measures 20.00 x 14.00 x 14.00 cm, which is suitable for any places of your home.  

  the design of MIJIA MJCTD02YL Bedside Lamp i

There is still a big difference between MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp and traditional bedside lamp. Traditional bedside lamp adopts a formal mold assembly, while the MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp adopts a relatively difficult inverted mold design. This design enables MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp to achieve overall luminescence, with no dark area at the top and a wider range of illumination. And it has a variety of ambient light colors, users can choose at will, soft light can not only light the bedside environment, but also create a romantic atmosphere.

The biggest difference between MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp and other lamps may be that it has intelligent technology. At present, MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp offers the morning wake-up service. As long as the user sets the time, the lamp will automatically light up and remind the user that it is time to get up. At night, MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp will become a close sleeping lamp, and its light flux is less than 2 lumens at the lowest brightness. Close your eyes. You don't feel the sting of light at all. Leave a warm sleeping lamp at night. It not only makes it easier to get up at night, but also helps sleep.

the close sleeping lamp 

At present, MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp supports Apple HomeKit and MIJIA MJCTD02YL APP control. Users can use the Xiaoai speaker and Siti voice control. It is very intelligent and convenient. In cold nights, MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp will drive you away from the dark in cold nights without touching the black to find the power switch.

the Xiaoai speaker to turn on the bedside lamp  

MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp not only supports voice control mode, but also has a full sense of technology in manual mode. When the bedside lamp is closed, the user only needs to touch any position of the brightness bar to turn it on, and can switch the lamp by pressing the top button, long pressing the switchable mode, sliding up and down the middle part of the strip function area to adjust the brightness of the lamp, and pressing the switch key to realize the switch lamp. Simply speaking, it is more scientific and technological than the traditional lamp.

the sense of technology in manual mode 

MIJIA MJCTD02YL bedside lamp just went on sale on GearBest with the flash sale price of $49.99. On both price and performance, it is a very good home gadgets worthy of buying.


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