Minecraft will have a game similar to Pokémon Go

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-08 496

Minecraft continues to experiment with augmented reality and prepares to announce a game similar to the popular Pokemon Go

Microsoft is not accustomed to giving game presentations during its Developer Conference, Build 2019, although it is very common to see Minecraft appear during the initial Keynote as part of other initiatives, such as learning to program.


This year the technology decided to save the big announcement of Minecraft for the following days.


The teaser shows a company executive playing with his smartphone, who happens to forget on a bench and a person witnesses Minecraft's augmented reality experience.


The arrival of a Minecraft Go should not surprise, after all, the mixed reality is something that Microsoft has experienced in recent years. Mojang's game was one of the first to show the potential of HoloLens in a gaming experience.


Minecraft currently continues to lead the list of payment apps in multiple countries. The launch of an application like Minecraft Go could take place under the same scheme as Pokémon Go: free download with microtransactions.


So far everything is speculation and we will have to wait until May 17 to know the next mobile game Minecraft.

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