MIUI TalkBack function analysis: Please remember to tell people who need help

ByIngrid You 2019-06-10 988

On June 10th, MIUI official microblog detailed the TalkBack accessibility function. Visually impaired people or elderly people with poor eyesight can control through the TalkBack function in Xiaomi mobile phone.

What is TalkBack

In general, TalkBack is a built-in screen reader for Android devices. It provides voice feedback to the user's touch and operation during the user's use of the mobile phone, and helps people with visual impairments.

According to MIUI officials, accessibility has become the same as the software standard, call quality, antenna, etc., and is prioritized under the same fault level. We have carefully adapted Talkback at the system level, hoping to help more people.

How to open TalkBack, MIUI provides the following ways to open:

First, boot

After starting the new mobile phone, press and hold the power button to turn on the phone. Press and hold the screen for about 10 seconds on the boot guide. The voice prompt “Continue to hold the two fingers to enable the accessibility function” will appear. The screen does not let go, after which you will hear the voice prompt “Accessibility function TalkBack is turned on”. At this time, you will enter the TalkBack tutorial learning interface, you can use TalkBack to learn, after learning, you will go to the boot guide page to complete other settings. After the operation, go to the desktop and start using the phone.

Second, direct

You can also enter the TalkBack function through the shortcut button, and press and hold the volume up and down button for 3 seconds to quickly open the TalkBack service.

Tip: The first time you use the accessibility shortcut, you need to click the OK button in the pop-up window. The visually impaired person does not need to pay attention to the pop-up window. Just press the volume button again.

After the machine is finished, you need to activate the phone after booting. At this time, it is not the boot page. How to open TalkBack? Use the volume shortcuts to get it done!

Third, the voice turned on

You can also say "Open TalkBack" or "Open Screen Reader" directly to Xiao Ai. Xiao Ai will have permission to remind you, then you can open TalkBack.

In addition, you can also say "TalkBack" or "open screen reader" to Xiaoai, it will detect the current system's TalkBack open status, switch TalkBack status; for example, it is currently open, say "TalkBack" or "close" to Xiaoai students. The screen reader will switch to the off state.

Fourth, the traditional way

Turn on the TalkBack service by setting it (with the help of others): Open the Settings app - click More Settings - Open Accessibility - Select TalkBack - Open TalkBack - Click the OK button in the pop-up window.

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