MIUI update leaks: focus on optimizing ADs

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Previously, a large number of advertisements in the Xiaomi MIUI system have been squandered by many netizens at home and abroad, and even rice noodles. Everyone said: "Why do I spend money to buy a mobile phone, but I have to be forced to watch an advertisement!" For the netizen's spit, Xiaomi said that it will increase the option to close the advertisement for everyone. On May 22, Bai Peng, general manager of Xiaomi Internet Business Department, said in an interview: “Xiaomi is now reducing the number of advertisements and pushing the required advertisement content for users as much as possible.”


The Internet Business Department was previously established by Xiaomi, specializing in the content of Internet commercialization in Xiaomi, as well as reducing and optimizing advertising. It is well known that Xiaomi has brought a lot of benefits to everyone with its high cost performance. Xiaomi has always said that the comprehensive net profit of hardware does not exceed 5%. In order to realize the commercialization of this part of the content of Xiaomi MIUI system, Xiaomi realized the traffic through the Internet software service, which caused a large number of advertisements to be squandered by netizens.

In addition, Bai Peng further explained to the advertising position: I hope that each advertising space will improve efficiency, so that different advertisements can be accurately pushed to the user's hands. When the user clicks, Xiaomi collects the tip from the brand owner.

Xiaomi MIUI

Also, if the user doesn't want to see these ads, they can choose to close. The times are improving, the traditional marketing methods have been slowly eliminated, and the diversity of Xiaomi Internet will provide more accurate services for everyone in the future. At that time, it was really unclear whether advertising or service.


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