Moto Z4 come with 48MP camera and 6.4 inch screen

BySteve Lowry 2019-04-20 609

No brand is being as much a leak as Motorola. After rumors about a Moto Z4 Play and the enlargement of the One line, now information and promotional materials show an alleged Moto Z4 that would have intermediate power settings, but with huge screen and camera following the current resolution standards.



According to this leak, the phone has a Snapdragon 675 chipset, the same that equips the Z4 Play, but theoretically with a downgrade compared to the MotoZ3, which has a Snapdragon series 800, at the time one of the most powerful. The promotional materials also indicate that the price will be much lower than the top-of-the-line smartphones of the moment, which solidifies the average status of the phone.


Rumors about the two devices indicate 48MP, but individual rear cameras, with the input version having a 25MP selfie camera. Both normal and Play Z4 will have the option to decrease camera resolution for better photos in the dark.


With regard to the screen, the Moto Z4 will be slightly larger than Play — 6.4 inches versus 6.22. Both will have fingerprint readers on the monitor and notch in drop format. The batteries will also be the same, with a capacity of 3,600 mAh and support the TurboCharge of 18W. The entry 3, 5mm will also remain.


The Moto Z4 will be a 4G phone, but with support for the 5G MotoMod, for those who want to try the next generation mobile networks.

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