Motorola Moto Z4: 6.4 inch screen, SD675 and 48MP camera

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The features of the Motorola Moto Z4 are filtered, the device will have a 6.4 inch screen, Snapdragon 675 and a 48MP camera. According to a recent leak, the phone has a set of chips Snapdragon 675, like the bike Z4 Play, instead of a Snapdragon series 800 as the Moto Z3.

The Motorola Moto Z4 have 48MP's rear camera and a 25MP selfie camera. The Z4 bike will be powered by a 3.600 mAh battery with Turbocharged (fast charge) and the phone has a water repellent design. Previous rumors have said that the specifications of Moto Z4 will include options of 4GB/6GB of RAM memory, as well as options of internal storage of 64GB and 128GB. It is reported that the fingerprint reader is below the screen and phone will be compatible with the Moto Mod 5G for those who want to try the next generation mobile networks.

Features Motorola Moto Z4

6.4 inch screen

48MP Main camera

Camera Selfie 25MP

Internal Memory 64GB/128GB

Memory RAM 4GB/6GB

Memory Card Yes


Snapdragon 675 Processor

9.0 Android Software

Battery 3.600 mAh with Turbocharge

Other socket 3.5 mm

Price €350


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