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New AirPods to be sold this year: support wireless charging and voice control

ByLinky Johnson 2018-11-15 2744

The new AirPods which we have been waiting for did not appear at the Apple's fall launch event, but recently there are some news and rumors about it. It is said that the new AirPods wireless headset has passed the Bluetooth SIG certification, which usually means the product is about to go on sale. And “That’s true” said some insiders.

the AirPods 2nd generation


Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless In-ear Earbuds - WHITE

Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Bluetooth Earphones Wireless In-ear Earbuds - WHITE


According to the latest news, the AirPods 2nd generation will surely go on sale this year, but it is not clear when it will be launched, but it should be before the holiday shopping season. In fact, even the new AirPods are released, there might not be big changes compared to the previous version.   

the design of the AirPods 2 

It is reported that the external design of the new generation AirPods will stays largely the same. But it might improve the waterproof performance and battery life. In addition, it will also support voice control, thanks to the new audio chip. Compared with the previous charging box, 2 new functions will be added -  wireless charging function and outside mounted battery indicator light. So you will not need to open the box cover to check the power status of the AirPods. Another welcome new feature might be the noise reduction function.

  2 new function: wireless charging function

Now, the question is: will the AirPods’ wireless charging box be sold separately or together with the headset? Personally speaking, it is more likely to be sold together.

Finally, I have a suggestion for customers, compared with the very pricy Apple’s AirPods (as we can see, the first generation AirPods are priced at $159), a Xiaomi’s latest released Xiaomi Mi AirDots Bluetooth Earphones will be a better choice, which is just priced at $47.26. With a cheaper price, you can also enjoy many convenient features and high quality just like the AirPods.   



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