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New AirPods with the newly added health monitoring function are rumored to be released in March

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-30 2507

The latest news from the industry chain shows that Apple is ready for mass production of a new generation of AirPods, nearly three years after the last update (released in September 2016 with the iPhone 7 series).

As for what will happen to the next generation of AirPods, the news from DigiTimes says that the new product will support a "health monitoring function", that is to say, a corresponding sensor is built into the headset to detect the physical characteristics of some users. If the information is accurate, it means that DigiTimes will change a lot.

the next generation of AirPods

How will the second generation of AirPods change?

Since Apple began to cancel support for traditional headphone interfaces from the iPhone 7, AirPods has quickly become a hot seller in the market since its launch in 2016. Of course, the experience of this product can also be done, especially for product optimization in Apple's own ecosystem, such as removing AirPods from the cover, automatic connection of the iPhone and so on.

the old and new AirPods

According to the news from the industry chain, the new generation of AirPods will not change much in appearance, but the box with headphones will support wireless charging and the charging display lamp will be placed on the outside of the smartphone body, which makes it easier to observe. As for the function of AirPods, there are two additions, one directly supporting voice-calling Siri (which was hinted in the Apple promotional film released on the iPhone in 2018), and the other supporting dust-proof and waterproof functions.

Previously, developers found in iOS 12 firmware that Apple programmed the color of AirPods in code form, which also indicates that the official may add color matching outside white. At the same time, there are news that Apple will add noise reduction function to the new AirPods, which will improve the product's durability. These are quite practical upgrades for many users.

AirPods 2

When will it be released and what's the price?

Industry chain sources stressed that Apple has completed the final debugging of the new AirPods, and it is about to enter mass production. It is expected that the release time will be around March this year. On the new sale price, because of the rising cost and other factors, Apple will also raise the price of new products, the price will be controlled within $220.8.

At present, Apple is still selling AirPods in China for 4189.6.


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