New Build 18908 Windows 10 20H1 for the fast ring

ByDaniel Camilo 2019-05-30 520

A new build for the fast ring arrives. We remind you that these compilations are scheduled for the update that will arrive during the first half of next year. Microsoft is focusing its efforts in 2020 and want to do something with enough time to excite.

News on the phone screen, accessibility, keyboard language and new supported models.From Microsoft are delighted with these two new accessibility options and to stay focused. On the other hand, we can also change the Android keyboard language or layout while we are on the phone screen.

Reading the screen

For TalkBack users, we can now activate the Your Phone Companion service as an accessibility service. This can be found in the accessibility settings of our Android phone to facilitate reading between devices. When both are in TalkBack and the accessibility options of Your Phone Companion are activated, the narrator will start working on our PC describing that we select and activate the screen of our smartphone while interacting with our keyboard or mouse.

Concentration tracking

Now we can act with our Android apps in the size that we have in our smartphone while we continue in the main screen. This function will keep the size of our mouse and keyboard.

To activate this feature, we must first activate the accessibility service of Your Phone Companion and TalkBack on your Android smartphone. When these services are activated, we can activate the magnifying glass on our PC using the shortcut: Windows and the (+) key or open the app from the Windows menu.

Language keyboard and layout

You will have noticed the new icon in the top bar of the screen of our phone. Selecting this icon will take you to the phone's configuration. From there we can change the layout and language of our keyboard. This only applies to physical keyboards, it only works with the keyboard of our PC and will not change the language of our smartphone or the keyboard configuration.

Now we can project the screen into more Samsung devices

The supported models continue to increase and now Microsoft has incorporated the Samsung Galaxy A8 and Samsung Galaxy A8 +. From Microsoft say they will continue to expand the list.

Requirements to project the screen

● The devices must be Android smartphones with Android version 7.0 or higher:

1.Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 +, S9, S9 +, S8, S8 +

2.Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Note 8

3.Samsung Galaxy A8, A8 +

4.OnePlus 6, 6T

● PC with Windows 10 that supports the role of low energy

● The minimum build should be 18338

● The Android smartphone must be switched on, with the bluetooth connected and close to the PC and connected to the same network as the PC.

Known problems

● Touch support does not work

● Blue light preferences do not apply on the screen shown on the PC

●The audio, beyond the reading of the screen, is played through the speakers of the smartphone, not the PC

● If we activate the two options of accessibility at the same time, the rectangle to enlarge will follow us during the navigation but, the visual narrator will remain static.

New messaging functions

● Send and receive SMS - We can now send and receive images and GIFs, including Giphy, directly from the Your Phone app.

● Unread message indicator

● Navigation panel - An indicator in the message menu will show us that we have unread messages

● Taskbar - A visual indicator on the app icon Your Phone will indicate that there are unread messages.

● Unread conversations - A visual indicator shows unread conversations

● Contact images - The Your Phone app will now synchronize the images of our contacts, as long as they have one, allowing us to identify them better. Although this feature is not present in Outlook yet.

● Fast response - We can now respond quickly from the notification without opening the Your Phone app.

● Emoji Selector - Smileys, people, food and much more. We can add emojis to our messages from the app.

● Screen showcasing new messaging features - MMS, unread message indicator, in-line reply

Your Phone now synchronizes with mobile data

This was a feature much requested by users. Now we can synchronize our photos, messages and notifications through mobile data without connecting our Android phone and our PC under the same WiFi network.

● Turn on "Sync under mobile data" within the settings of the app Your Phone Companion app

● When activated, we should see the notification on our smartphone "Connected to your PC"

Screen showing 'Sync over mobile data' under the Your Phone Companion app settings

New colorful icons

They have also incorporated, as we indicated several days ago new icons for the two applications. This way we can feel that they are part of the Windows family. The new icon is already available on many smartphones and will start arriving at Windows computers progressively.

These features will reach the rest of users progressively. Not only the Insiders but also the users who do not want to enter the Windows Insider program.

Fixes and improvements of Build 18908

● Fixed a problem where, in certain devices, the night light activated for the quick start did not light until after the restart.

● Fixed an issue where, on certain devices with quick start, the enabled color / gamma profiles were not activated until after a reboot.

● Fixed a problem that resulted in some functions in the Start Menu and in all applications were not located in languages ​​such as FR-FR, RU-RU and ZH-CN.

● Fixed a problem in which the WMA lossless decoder incorrectly emitted if it was in 24-bit mode, which affected some music players.

● Fixed an issue where the battery options drop-down menu under Video playback settings was unexpectedly blank.

● Fixed a problem in which the Start button at Start sometimes did not show a point indicating that the updates were available, even though "Update and restart" was listed in the On button menu.

● Fixed an issue that caused the MS Paint selection to move in unexpectedly large steps by keystroke when using the arrow keys.

● They have updated the Japanese IME context menu, replacing "User Dictionary" with "Add Word", so that you can now add words to your user dictionary in fewer clicks.

● Fixed a problem that caused the narrator to stutter while reading the progress bars.

● Fixed a problem in Narrator that caused Firefox to block when navigating by heading.

● As some Insider will already have noticed, they are currently implementing a new OneDrive icon for Insiders that supports the dark and clear theme as part of version 19.086.0502 of OneDrive.

Note: Microsoft has temporarily completed the deployments of both the Configuration header and the new File Explorer search experience, while addressing the issues. They will be back online soon and thank us for our patience.

Known bugs of Build 18908

● For Home editions, some devices may not see the "update installed" on the update history page.

● For Home editions, some devices may not see the "% progress of download" change on the Windows Update page.

● There is a problem with older versions of the anti-cheating software used in the games by which, when upgrading to the latest Windows 10 Build 19H1, PCs could suffer crashes. Microsoft is working with partners to update the software with the solution, as have most of the games that use it.

To minimize the possibility of this failure, be sure to use the latest version of the games you have installed before updating the operating system. In addition, Microsoft is collaborating with anti-cheat and videogame developers to correct the flaws that may be in Windows 10 20H1, and minimize problems in the future.

● Some Realtek SD card readers do not work correctly. They are investigating the problem.

If you use the remote desktop to connect to an enhanced session VM, the results of the taskbar ● search will not be visible (only a dark area) until you restart explorer.exe.

● There is a noticeable delay when dragging the emoji and dictation panels.

● The protection against changes in the registry can be disabled in Windows Security after updating to this compilation. We can activate it again.

● In Easy Access settings, the selection of a color filter may not take effect immediately unless the color filter option is turned off and on again.

● Users who navigate to the Graphics Settings page in the Configuration application may experience locks from the Configuration application.

● The window for East Asian IMEs (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese) may not open at times.

Known bug for developer Build 18908

If we install some of the latest versions of the Express Ring and then switch to the slow loop or post the preview, then activation of optional content such as developer mode will fail. We must leave the add/install/activate optional content in the fast ring. This is because the optional content is only installed on an approved ring.

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