New images of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with new features

ByJordan Hobbs 2019-05-16 1740

The expected bracelet of the Chinese firm is falling, we do not know exactly when, but experience tells us that when the leaks are so insistent is that we are about to fall. And today was another of those days in which several images of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 have been leaked , the new bracelet from the Chinese firm that promises to offer better features on a full-color screen. We will know these new images that come to confirm everything that has been speculated so far.

New images confirm some features

In these new filtered images we have been able to know some of the characteristics with which the new Mi Band 4 would count . Among them we see a pretty striking, and is the control of other devices thanks to the built-in microphone of the bracelet. For example, in these images you can see that the bracelet can use the Mi AI to control other smart devices, which is precisely one of the functions that were speculated a few days ago, so it is confirmed the incorporation of a microphone and commands voice. 

We can also see that the wristband is now able to recognize up to six new sports activities, thanks to which we can exercise and see the results without having to touch any button on the wristband. We also confirm the controls of the music we are listening to through the wristband , as one of the slides that says, if you do not like it, passes to the next one. And we can see on the screen the controls to advance or rewind the song of the current music that we are listening to, which should in turn confirm the touch screen. 

We also see another feature, that the bracelet will automatically lock when we take it off the wrist , so we will prevent others from using it. Finally, another of the slides also shows the possibility of using the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 as a bracelet to use in public transport, as a transport card. With it it will be possible to enter the subway or bus by bringing the bracelet to the machines where we usually introduce that transport card. So it seems that the star of this Xiaomi Mi Band 4 will be its color screen and microphone, which will open a whole world of possibilities.


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