New iOS 13 updates will focus on dark mode, multitasking and mail

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-24 513

Apple will hold WWDC 2019 just before the summer and therefore the new edition of its conference dedicated to developers. As every year, the firm will take advantage of the opportunity to present the new versions of its platforms, starting with the eagerly awaited iOS 13.

If his number will not fail to scare the most superstitious of us, this new grind is still awaited with the greatest impatience by all people possessing an iDevice.


iOS 13 is indeed supposed to offer many novelties, which seem to confirm these new rumors.

iOS 13 should finally integrate a dark mode

9to5Mac has indeed managed to get hold of quite a lot of information about the platform thanks to a source inevitably close to the file and the Apple crunlers will have visibly for their money.


Among the various new features expected in iOS 13 is thus to start the highly anticipated dark mode, a mode that will allow us to switch the interface of the platform in shades of black and gray. And if this mode will allow us to rest our eyes, it should also have a positive effect on the autonomy of iPhones equipped with an OLED screen.


But it's not over. The iPad, on the other hand, will normally have the ability to open multiple Windows for a single application. With this system it would be possible, for example, to open two documents in pages or two tables side by side in numbers. These same documents can also be opened in a single window, through a system of tabs similar to that present on our browsers.


This system of tabs and Windows should not be limited to the Office suite of Apple. It is actually mentioned a development kit specially thought for third-party publishers: PanelKit.

A new multi-windowing system on iPad

With this toolkit, publishers and developers should be able to integrate this mechanics with their own tools. The source behind the rumor also evokes a system of stackable "maps" symbolizing documents associated with an application. Cards that can be reorganized or thrown in an instant.


iOS 13 should also provide a new gesture to allow the user to undo their last changes in an instant. Attention on the other hand, because the latter would be limited to typing and thus to the keyboard. The user would only have to swipe to the left with three fingers to undo the last entries made, the reverse gesture allowing naturally to restore the cancelled changes.


In order to make this function as accessible as possible, Apple would also intend to launch an interactive tutorial from the first use of the virtual keyboard.


Safari on iPad should also be entitled to one or two things in addition to iOS 13, starting with the automatic display of all open sites in desktop mode.

New updates for mail application

Mail will also take a braid. Just like Gmail, the application will indeed be able to organize our messages into several categories. The source of our colleagues evokes four: marketing, purchasing, travel and "not important", but others would also be planned. As a bonus, it will also be possible to put the e-mails aside in a kind of playlist to find them more easily later.


In parallel, several additional gestures should also be expected to make it easier to select the items presented in the Collections.


Among the other improvements mentioned are also a new version of reminder and a new sound volume adjustment system.


On the other hand, 9to5Mac makes no reference to the arrival of a function to connect external volumes directly to the iPad. Many expect a function of this type since the arrival of USB type-C on iPad Pro. This is particularly the case of Alex reframe, who regularly evokes this issue in his videos.

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