New Mijia mosquito repellent is here! Known as "the most beautiful mosquito repellent of the year"

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In the summer when the mosquitoes are approaching the ravages, Xiaomi Mijia has launched a new mosquito repellent product, "Mika Repellent Basic Edition 3 Pack". Inherited the high value of the German iF design award in the previous generation Mijia mosquito repellent, the basic version of the Mijia mosquito repellent is more exquisite in design, called "the most beautiful mosquito repellent", can be used as a versatile home decoration To use. It also uses a fan to evaporate mosquitoes, supports one-button 10-hour timed and 90-day long-lasting mosquito repellent, and 3 packs can meet the mosquito repellent needs of the whole house at one time.





new Mijia mosquito repellent


The first generation of Mijia mosquito repellent, released in June 2018, was quickly sold out as soon as it was launched. The basic version of the Mijia mosquito repellent was upgraded and upgraded on the basis of the previous generation, and continued to implement the product concept of "Quality of regular Products". The original inconspicuous category of mosquito repellent was made into a high-value explosion.


Mijia mosquito repellent keeps Xiaomi's consistent "Mi-Look" design style. The previous generation of Mijia mosquito repellent products won the German iF design award, the Mijia mosquito repellent basic version inherits the original design and optimization, the circle is changed into a rounded square, the upper cover is changed from white to matte gray, work The indicator light is also more obvious than the previous generation, and the overall is more stable.


The basic version of Mijia Mosquito Repellent promotes the uniform evaporation of the medicine through the built-in fan rotation. It does not produce open flame and smoke when used, and the medicine is colorless and fragrance-free, and it is naturally gentle and not pungent. This method has been popular for a long time overseas, and the Japanese electronic mosquito repellent brand with the same principle has been selling well for more than 50 years. The basic version of the Mijia mosquito repellent device introduces this mosquito repellent method and localized improvement, bringing consumers a new experience of "no mosquito repellent".


new Mijia mosquito repellent


In terms of pharmacy, the basic version of the Mijia mosquito repellent uses the most mainstream pyrethroids. This is a widely used deworming agent with high efficiency, broad spectrum, low toxicity and biodegradability. Most traditional mosquito repellent products in the market contain similar ingredients, and their efficacy has been widely verified. Different from traditional mosquito repellent products, the basic version of Mijia mosquito repellent is not a killing product, but it is used to dispel mosquitoes by emitting odors that mosquitoes do not like. The basic version of a single rice repellent can be effective in 28m3 space. Repelling mosquitoes, 3 packs can meet the mosquito repellent needs of multiple rooms throughout the house.


When the basic version of the Mijia mosquito repellent is running, the built-in fan rotates with a noise as low as 22dB, which is almost insensitive to the human body and does not disturb sleep and rest. In order to avoid the user forgetting to turn off the situation, the Mijia mosquito repellent has intimately added the 10-hour one-key timing function, and the timing mode can be turned on by pressing the power button twice. Later, the Bluetooth version of the Mijia mosquito repellent will be launched. Users can switch the mosquito repellent through the Mijia APP on the mobile phone.


new Mijia mosquito repellent


A major pain point for traditional mosquito repellent products is the need for frequent replacement. The single agent of the Mijia mosquito repellent basic version can basically be used for a whole summer. The effective evaporation time of a single agent is about 720 hours, which is 90 nights according to the 8-hour usage time per day. The 3 packs of affordable combination also allows users to cover every room in the whole house, eliminating the need for repeated replacement and purchase.


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