New Redmi flagship will arrive with Snapdragon 855, wireless charging and NFC

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-28 561

New Redmi flagship will arrive with Snapdragon 855

The core specs of the Redmi’s new smartphone is the Snapdragon 855 processor, triple rear cameras (probably 48MP+16MP+12MP), extremely narrow notch, support NFC, wireless charging, screen fingerprint recognition, pop-up front camera, unfortunately does not seem to support infrared. There are also rumors that the new Redmi flagship also has a modest edition with the Snapdragon 730 processor, and its price is cheaper.


In fact, these leaked specs are very likely to achieve on Redmi, as it mainly focus on high price-performance ratio. The mian difference between the Xiaomi and Redmi series smartphones lies in screen quality, material, overall design, some of the interior of small accessories and so on. The core functionality is not much worse, but the experience is certainly not as good as Xiaomi 9.


For us consumers, the most attractive features of the new Redmi is its flagship level Snapdragon 855 processor and wireless charging, which will make the new Redmi very competitive in mid-range smartphones.

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